What Living in Nashville Meant to Me

January 15, 2016

Written by Anna White

This morning I woke up to a massive downpour. Not the kind of weather I like to drive in. On the way to work I thought I was back in Nashville on an icy frozen morning when I passed someone in the ditch. I thought to myself, it’s only raining people it’s not frozen ice…surely you can drive better than that! I always hated those icy mornings and I remember having a lot of those this time last year when I was preparing to work out my final days. All of this reminiscing made me start thinking about all the things I left in Tennessee.

When I moved to Nashville in late 2009, I moved there with very little. All I had was an apartment to move into and stuff to furnish it with. I had no family, friends or even a job when I landed there in December 2009. Ok maybe I had one acquaintance, but I had only known this person for about three months and had only seen him twice prior to my arrival. We became better friends once I arrived and he was able to show me around Nashville and help get me acquainted with my new surroundings.

It took till March 1st for me to start work and it was there that I made some of the best friends I had ever had. My co-workers soon became my friends and we shared many stories throughout my tenure at Vanderbilt. I miss them all very much, but especially Cheryl, who was not only my supervisor, but a person who became a great friend to me. A person I miss more than she probably realizes and someone I will never forget. I will always remember our trip to Mississippi to the casino to see Wanda Sykes in concert. We laughed more than I thought possible. We also gambled…well Cheryl did anyway. I’m a cheapskate and I didn’t want to lose my money.

As the years went on, I met many more people, each touching my life in one way or the other. Every one from my karaoke crew to my photography partner and more. However, my hardest departure was leaving my co-workers from Franklin American Mortgage, which is where I was working when we started traveling. The girls there meant more to me than I think any of them realized and I will always be appreciative of the times they listened and supported me.

I accomplished a lot during my years in Nashville. I went from being jobless to earning an MBA degree. Even bought a house and after meeting a lot of toads, finally met, fell in love with and married my prince. I guess you could say I accomplished a lot and as such it was time to move on, which we did in March 2015. However, with all that I accomplished and all that I have done, I will always remember my time in the big city and will always miss, not only the city, but the people I met while there.

To all of you that I met along the way, thank you for being a part of my life, in one way or the other.

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