Weight Loss Update – December 2017

December 6, 2017 | Midlife


I feel bad that I haven’t posted an update to my weight loss and a lot of readers probably think I’ve given up. Let me assure you I am in no way giving up on this journey to a better ME. At weigh in today I was down another two pounds for a total now of seven (7) pounds LOST. Yes, I know that’s a long way from my goal, but I’m still losing and I’m doing it my way by gradually loosing the weight instead of trying to lose lots of weight at one time and then putting it all back on. I feel that going at the rate that I’m doing this I have a better chance of staying on track and keeping the weight off in the future, which is my ultimate goal.


In addition to the weight loss, I measured and I’m down a total of 3 inches in the areas that I measure, which are the boobs, waist and hips. I could be losing more inches in other areas, but I don’t want to measure every inch of my body.


My hardest part is still trying to cut back on eating certain foods. I’m a southern girl who loves her bisquits and jelly, sweet tea, rice and potatoes, plus a lot of other high carb foods. I’ve cut back my portions and continue to exercise daily on the Total Gym. No matter how hard the struggles become, I will continue to work towards my ultimate goal!


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