We Closed on Our Sticks and Bricks

December 15, 2014

Written by Anna White

Today was both a joyous day and a sad one. We signed the closing papers on our house, so now we are “officially” full-timing in the RV. Joyous that we sold…Sad that I had to sell the first home I’ve ever bought on my own. I had been living in the house when Greg and I met so it was something that I was able to obtain on my own during my independent, do it myself days. Joyous that we no longer have that debt hanging over us and we are one step closer to our dreams…sad that I still have the J-O-B to go to everyday!

Today was also the day that we had to move the RV to a new park. We moved to a place that is closer to my job so I don’t have to make that hour drive to work anymore. Greg broke down and moved and set up at the new spot while I was a work. All I had to do was set a few knick knacks out when I got home. I think I can get use to this life. I love my new little house….400 sq feet….only takes 30 minutes to clean. The only thing missing is a couple of furry companions, but they will come in due time.

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