Travels – 2016

Our Experience with Thousand Trails

I was very skeptical about buying a membership with Thousand Trails (TT) as I wasn’t sure we would actually get our money’s worth. One thing I learned right away is to read the fine print. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into.  I understood that I was only buying certain zones,...

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A Couple Weeks in Pennyslvania

After we completed our visit through the New England states we spent a couple of weeks in Pennsylvania. Our first stop was only for a couple of days in the Pocono area so we could visit the Pocono NASCAR track. At some point we plan on chasing NASCAR all over the country to see the races live,...

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A Day in New York City

While staying in New Jersey for a few days, we took a day to go into New York City. Like I’ve said on previous posts, this country girl needs to go back south as these northern states are just not for me. The traffic on the way there was easy on our side, but people coming into NJ were backed...

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Our Visit to Wahlburgers and Fenway Park

After our time in New Hampshire and Maine, we headed to Massachusetts.  While there, we would visit Rhode Island and Connecticut to round out the final three New England states.  I know several people who love the New England states, but we are not two of those people.  We met more rude and...

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Exploring the New England States in an RV

After we left Niagara Falls, we traveled east across New York and stayed at Lake Lauderdale Campgrounds in New York close to the Vermont border. It made it convenient to go explore the Vermont roads and explore we did. We went looking for covered bridges and found several on some back roads. We...

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My Obsession with Covered Bridges in Vermont

Covered bridges have so much history. When I see one, I think about who might have crossed through and did they have to walk, ride a horse and buggy, a car or just what type of transportation carried them over to the other side. In the last couple weeks, we have driven through several of these...

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The Beauty of Niagara Falls

Since leaving Florida we have spent 45 days on the road and driven through eleven (11) states to get to Niagara Falls, which was the biggest place we wanted to visit on this four month trip. At first I wasn’t sure the trip was worth it, but once we got on the Maid of the Mist and got to see the...

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Our Trip North, Part Two

From North Carolina to Ohio Our second big stop after Maggie Valley was Delaware, Ohio. It wasn’t until I started planning this trip that I discovered Ohio even had a town named Delaware.  It’s north of Columbus, OH and convenient to just about any place you need. Before I talk about our Ohio...

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