Oscar and Harley

I have two of the most spoiled wiener dogs around.  On a recent trip to my parents, I was able to use them as my photo subjects instead of my human children.  Both are very photogenic.  


Oscar looking so debonaire.


Drinking from the cement pond where the crawfish and bullfrogs hang out.


A natural in front of the camera. He actually looks like he was posing for me, but really I was just lucky to get the shot.


Harley is a stunning “little” beauty. Posing is everything when taking pics, even with dogs. This pose hides how fat she really is.


She can also be a comic, as shown here, with her eyes closed.

_DSC5311Like Oscar, she looks like she is actually posing perfectly for just the right shot.

Another trip through Cades Cove

One of my favorite places to visit is Cades Cove in the Tennessee mountains and with our last days in Tennessee just around the corner, we decided to head to the cove, so I could see my favorite spot in the Tennessee mountains. The colors are beginning to change and the leaves are falling, but it will still be several weeks before the best of the colors are out. For some reason this trip seemed to take the longest to get there and even longer to get back from. And even while driving through the loop, it seemed to take us longer than it ever has. Maybe it was because God wanted us to enjoy the beauty of this place for as long as possible as we don’t know when we will be back in this location again.

Over the last few years I have made several trips to Cades Cove and I remember on my very first trip seeing a gorgeous buck off in woods and had gotten out of my car just like all the other spectators and getting as close as possible to get “THE” shot. I got a good enough shot that day and was excited that I was able to see a buck so close up as they are such magnificent animals. Ever since that first trip, I have yet to see another good quality buck until TODAY. He was the most beautiful 8 point I have seen in quiet some time.

Gorgeous 8 point buck

Gorgeous 8 point buck

The funniest part of this excursion, which we didn’t laugh at, at the time, but are laughing at now that it’s over. When we spotted the buck, there happened to be a parking lot that we could stop in to get a better look, so we stopped. We both got out, left the dogs in the truck and proceeded to get a good look. Oscar, our mischievous male, was trying to jump out the window we had rolled down, so we rolled up the windows, but made the mistake of leaving the truck running with all the keys inside. You guessed it, Oscar jumped on the door lock and locked us out. It was starting to get late in the evening and would be dark soon, but we were stuck until finally he stepped on the lock again and unlocked it. We looked like two crazy people trying to get the dog to step on the door lock. It only took him about 10 minutes, but in the meantime we were able to see two doe walk into the field where the buck was, so in the end it was worth it or else we would have missed seeing the additional deer.

If you’ve ever been to Cades Cove, you know the first thing you usually see when you pull in is the gorgeous horses and today was no different. These animals are majestic and beautiful. We pulled down Spence Lane, so we could get a closer look, as they were all hanging out over by the fence.  Lucky for us there was barely any traffic on this lane, so we were able to stop in the middle of the road and I got brave and went right up to the fence to get a closer look and better view for pics. I say brave because I had on flip-flops and the grass was really high and I am scared to death of snakes, but luckily nothing got me this time around.

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty

Paints are a beauty like none other

Love the colors of this paint…the brown colored ones in the back don’t look bad either.

We had another first on this trip as well and that was we saw 3 different coyotes. I have never seen a coyote in the park, but we saw three different ones. Of course, the first one we saw, it was so far away, we thought it might have been a fox, but after seeing the other two we think maybe it was a coyote instead.



As for bears, the only bear we saw was after 7:30 pm when we were trying to get out because it had already gotten so dark, you could barely see in front of you. The park had two separate areas marked off with orange cones telling you there was bear activity in between the cones and sure enough we looked over to the left and there was the bear that had been holding up traffic for several minutes.

As for Tennessee, Cades Cove will always be one of my best and top places to visit. If you have never been, I would highly suggest that you add it to your bucket list, as you won’t be disappointed.


Our Favorite Furbubies, Oscar & Harley


We like snuggling in Mommy’s Florida State blanket!!!!

We have two adorable chocolate Dachshunds. Our oldest, Oscar, we’ve had since March. He was born in January and weighs 13 lbs. He is a big boy and spoiled big time.  The baby, Harley, was born in May and we’ve had her since July.  She is a doll baby and as cute as can be at only 8 lbs.  Oscar  is very set in his ways already. He knows what he wants and does whatever he has to to get it.  Harley on the other hand is very laid back.  We got a seat cover to put in the back seat of the truck, so when we’re traveling they can just hang out and have all the room in the world to sleep and play.

Hanging in the backseat waiting to go potty!

Hanging in the backseat waiting to go potty!

Prior to getting this cover, Oscar would hang out mostly on the center console, so he could look out the front window. Harley on the other hand would be in mommy’s lap snoozing.  Now that we have the seat cover, it has been an adjustment to get Oscar to stay in the back seat.  I bought a piece of fabric that has holes, like the kind you would use to make a fruit bag or grocery bag out of and stretched it from seat to seat and hooked it in using the neck rest from the front seats. It was a good idea, but Oscar likes to jump over it, so he can get in the front seat, while Miss Harley just lays out in the back seat enjoying lazy time. I know it will take time to get Oscar use to doing something different as he doesn’t like change very well.

Oscar in his favorite spot looking out the window for daddy!

Oscar in his favorite spot looking out the window while waiting for daddy!

We messed up and put Oscar in our bed the first night we brought him home, which wasn’t bad when he was only 5 or 6 pounds, but now that he’s gotten so long and an instant heater, we were bound and determined Miss Harley would not make it in to our bed.  How has that worked for us, you ask?  Not too bad.  We started right from the beginning putting her in a small dog bed right next to our bed ON THE FLOOR and blocked it off so she couldn’t go anywhere.  She was easy to train on the potty pads as the breeder had already been using those.  So in her little spot she had her bed and potty pad.


We love our big bed!

After a couple months of this I finally bought a bigger doggy bed and made Oscar start sleeping with Harley.  The first night he wanted to fuss, but after about 15 minutes, he laid down and was fast asleep with her. Waiting for him to get use to her being around and for her to grow up some was worth the wait as now they really get along and pretty much stay right next to each other all day.  He doesn’t fuss about going to bed and now Mommy and Daddy have their bed back or at least until early morning.

The dogs usually get up between 5 and 6 am, which is too early to get up when you don’t have to go to work every day, so I take them out to potty and then they get spoiled having mommy and daddy time in our bed. They sleep for another couple hours and sometimes I have to make them get up as they are so snuggly they just want to stay there all day. Harley is getting a lot longer and even more adorable, if that’s possible.  They both let us know when they want attention. Even though they sometimes drive me crazy, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  They are my babies and I love them.  Only a real pet lover can relate to how I feel about them.

Please share information about your furbabies in the comments below as I love seeing others pets and hearing about how their life revolves around the ones they love.


Oscar enjoying his pool time!!!

Hope to see you on the road…