Happy 2nd Birthday, Harley

This baby doll is so cute. At two years she still has that cute puppy face. I’m really surprised she posed for this pic as she really doesn’t like having her pic taken. As I said in a post back in January for Oscar’s birthday, these birthday posts are actually being posted in 2021 as I forgot to put these on the blog, but came across the pics and wanted to add them in at the time they really were taken instead of adding them in 2021.

She’s a big girl and always shares with her brother, which she is doing here.

Wow that toy didn’t last for 30 minutes before it was destroyed. Luckily I have time stamps on my photos so I can remember these things especially since it took so long to actually post this to the blog. Look at that face, doesn’t she look innocent. I think her brother done it. Look at next pic.

Oh no, its the side eye pic. The I’m not guilty no matter what you say. He looks guilty to me.