Planning a Summer Trip

Now that we are back living in the RV full-time and life has returned to normal, we are in the process of planning a summer vacation so we can take the RV somewhere and have a little fun. We will be going to both WV and AL over a 10-day span. My in-laws always spend the 4th of July at their camp on the New River just outside Hinton, West Virginia, which is close to where my husband grew up. I made my first trip there in 2014. You can read all about that in a previous blog post. This will be the first time that we are taking our RV with us to WV as in previous times we stayed in a camper on his parents’ property. I prefer having my own stuff, especially my own bed and I want my dogs to be safe and they would not be if we stayed with the in-laws.

Our plan is to pull out on the 3rd of July and drive all the way to our destination. We are staying at Pipestem RV Park & Campgrounds. It’s right off Hwy 20, which is right off the interstate so the drive shouldn’t be too bad.  While there we hope to visit Barnwood Builders place that’s about 1 ½ hours away and visit one of the state parks that has a beautiful gristmill. We’ll stay for five nights before heading down to Alabama.

Back in 2015 when we were full-time traveling, we stayed at Honeycomb Campgrounds right on Lake Guntersville. You can read about that trip HERE.  We’ll only have 4 nights here and by the time the week is over we will probably wish we had a lot more days that we could stay here. I remember our last stay here so vividly. We were in our first few months of traveling full-time and was at an in between stage of trying to figure out what we wanted to do when out the blue one day we decided to go to this place. Our site was right on the water, #68. It was perfect. The sunsets and sunrises each morning and night were just beautiful. We were able to get in and out of our kayaks right at our site, which was great considering we had a new puppy at the time, and he loved going out on the water as much as we did. Unfortunately, we sold our kayaks several years back, but have since bought some paddle boats that hopefully will serve the same purpose. Personally I would rather have my kayak, but considering I don’t have money for that right now, I’ll settle for what the hubster bought and just be glad to be back on the water doing something I love…!

Hope all of you are planning some wonderful trips. Let me know where your headed or any good places you’ve already been to that we should add to our list for the future.

Happy Camping!

Summer Vacation to Tennessee

We left WV on the 8th only to turn back around the next day and head for Gatlinburg, TN to spend a few days in a cabin that we had rented. I wanted to visit Cades Cove to see if I could spot any deer or bear. I was able to see both, but the scariest part of the trip was the snake we both about stepped on at the little Early Mountain Community in Cades Cove. Our cabin was beautiful and the hot tub relaxing. The food at The Old Mill was to die for. I could spend weeks if not months in this area of the country.

Momma bear that we saw after we left the falls. She had 2 cubs with her.