Closing on House is Complete

The closing was on October 4th and of course we had a few bumps in the road right at the end, but we survived it. Just made it where neither of us really want to get bogged down with another house again. Now we have 2 storage units full of furniture and stuff that we have to figure out what to do with it. When we went full-time the first time back in 2014, we sold all of our furniture so when we bought the new house, we had to buy everything again and at the time we thought we would end up selling the RV and stay in a site built house, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I want to sell it all, but husband says he wants to hold onto it for a while in case we change our minds again and want to get another house. After he pays storage fees for a year, maybe he will change his mind. Its better to get some money out of it all than get nothing and pay storage fees for the rest of our lives.

Renovations have been very slow as it is harder to do things when you live in the house. Hopefully we will have it all completed by the end of the year.

Right before we moved back into the RV, I was having some health issues which has taken away from me being able to do much painting. It’s hard to paint above your head or bend over when it makes you dizzy every time you do so. I woke up a couple days in September feeling like the room was spinning. This went on for several days and then were times when my chest hurt as well.  Sometimes I would have these spells when I was sitting at my desk at work. I would be in the middle of something and the room would spin, I’d feel like I was going to pass out. I was nauseated sometimes and feel like I was in another world. It was crazy.

Well it happened again over the last weekend of September and I ended up in the emergency room on the 30th after I went to work, and they wouldn’t let me stay. They all freaked out knowing I drove while dizzy and feeling as crappy as I was. We had been working on the renovations over the previous weeks working late nights and Saturday and Sunday, so I really thought I was just tired and the stress of selling the house, moving and all that was just getting the best of me.

The visit to the ER didn’t provide any answers. Their first reaction was an EKG because they thought it was my heart. I kept telling them I’m dizzy, nauseated, spacey, but no matter what I said they wanted to test everything to do with a potential heart attack, so after a CT Scan, x-rays and blood work they said it’s not a heart attack.  Well duh I told you that. They give me IV fluids and said I was probably just severally dehydrated, which I might have been due to all the work I was doing and because I hate water I don’t drink enough, and it was during some hot days and we were back and forth in and out of the house.

House Officially on the Market

We officially listed our house for sale on the 4th. We had two showings by the end of the day, which led to our first offer, but on day 2 we received a cash offer from an agent who hadn’t even shown the house. The buyer saw the listing online, liked what they saw and wanted another investment property. We accepted their offer because it would give us the quickest closing and less headaches. The first offer we had received wanted us to pay over $10k in closing cost for the buyer alone, not including our closing costs. There was no way we would accept that.

We didn’t expect to sale as fast as we did and had started renovating the RV in hopes of having it all done before we found a buyer. However, when everything happened so fast, we ended up having to find a place to move the RV almost overnight as it had been in storage for nine months. Renovations were put on hold and off we went.

By the 16th we had moved 60 miles away so I could be closer to my job, which was the main reason for us moving in the first place.

Time to Sell Our House Again

In the beginning August we decided we were going to sale our sticks and bricks house and move back into the RV. It has been less than a year since we bought this house and were afraid, we would never get what we needed out of it.  In the last couple weeks, a realtor came by asking if we would consider selling and my husband was like no we could never get enough money out of it to make a deal. He happened to have some comps for the area and said that the market was really booming in our community. I started looking into it and sure enough several houses were being sold for $10k more than what we had paid for our house less than a year before.

We didn’t really care if we made any money off the sale, but we had to get what we owed on it. I kept researching and because I have a background in real estate, I decided I would list the house myself as a For Sale by Owner. After more research I decided to go with an MLS Listing Broker who would list our house on the MLS to get us a better opportunity to get showings and get us listed in all the major publications. In addition, we wouldn’t have to pay a commission to a listing broker. Instead we just paid the MLS Listing broker a flat fee, which was only $499. Way cheaper than paying 3% commission.

Since the house was brand new when we moved in, there was nothing that had to be done except find a listing broker, do some staging, take pics and get it listed.

We Bought a Stick House

We closed today on our sticks and bricks house, which meant having to put our beautiful fifth wheel in storage. We have enjoyed all of our travels and have loved living in a tiny space. Ever since I went back to work, we kept talking about going into a house so we could have more room and give the dogs a yard to play in. After lots and going back and forth and trying to figure out what to do, we decided this was the right thing to do at the time.

We found a house in Clarksville close to the army base about an hour and a half north of Nashville. Depending on traffic it will take me anywhere from an hour to two hours to get to work each way, but I will just have to get use to the drive. Seems like everywhere I ever lived i always had to drive a great distance as I’m not a city girl. I like living in the country so I can enjoy the peace and quiet, have animals and not so many neighbors. They only thing wrong with that statement is we have neighbors, a little too close for my comfort.

Because we have been living in the RV for 3 years and sold all of our furniture when we went full-time we have to buy all new furniture. Not looking forward to that task, but we’ll see how things pan out as we go along. Wish us luck as we take on this new adventure. Our plan is to live here for 2-3 years and then maybe rent while we go back on the road.

We Closed on Our Sticks and Bricks

Today was both a joyous day and a sad one. We signed the closing papers on our house, so now we are “officially” full-timing in the RV. Joyous that we sold…Sad that I had to sell the first home I’ve ever bought on my own. I had been living in the house when Greg and I met so it was something that I was able to obtain on my own during my independent, do it myself days. Joyous that we no longer have that debt hanging over us and we are one step closer to our dreams…sad that I still have the J-O-B to go to everyday!

Today was also the day that we had to move the RV to a new park. We moved to a place that is closer to my job so I don’t have to make that hour drive to work anymore. Greg broke down and moved and set up at the new spot while I was a work. All I had to do was set a few knick knacks out when I got home. I think I can get use to this life. I love my new little house….400 sq feet….only takes 30 minutes to clean. The only thing missing is a couple of furry companions, but they will come in due time.