My Hannah Shirt Creation

As I’ve said many times, I love to sew and create things, whether it’s something for me to wear or display in my house, it is a feeling of accomplishment when I see the finished project. I’ve been buying pdf sewing patterns off the internet for about two years. I hate to admit, but I’ve bought way more than I’ve made, but this year I’m trying to change that as I would love to sew at least one item from each pattern I have bought.

The following is called the Hannah and it was designed by Sonia Estep Designs. I don’t get any kickbacks for linking her website, I just wanted to make it easier for you to find her. This was one of the easier patterns I have made. I literally printed this pattern with my printer, taped it together, cut out the pieces and then placed on the material and cut it all out all in less than an hours time, probably more like 30-40 minutes.

Sewing time was less than an hour as well as for this style only required sewing the shoulder seams together, attaching the sleeve and then sewing the side seams together from the sleeve to the bottom hem. From there you sew your cuffs, bottom band and neck band together and then fold in half wrong sides together to attach to the sleeves, neck and bottom of design. As I type this out I’m thinking “that sounds easy enough” and to be honest it is. I was so shocked by just how easy, which is why I will be making more of these in different types of fabric. This particular pattern can also be made with a front pocket, collar and even a hoodie can be added.

I think the design looked better on my mannequin than on me, but that’s because I hate ALL pictures of myself.



The fabric was purchased from Mily Mae Fabric (I do not get kickbacks for linking their site either). It is called Vortex Rib Knit and this is the denim color. I love the feel and texture of the fabric, but don’t believe I will order this color again as I notice on things that are denim they seem to wash out and I guess that is to keep the denim look, but I’m not a fan of that for anything but my jeans.

My Magnolia Tee

I’ve been buying pdf patterns online for several years now as opposed to buying from the big box stores. These patterns are designed by small business owners who sell their designs online. I have found some wonderful designs that I hope to one day make all of although I’m sure some of the patterns will never be completed. Instead they will sit on my computer taking up space or rest in my basement in a roll that was printed with the intentions of making it, but actually attaching it to fabric and sewing the item created will never be seen.

Luckily for me, the Magnolia Tee designed by Sonia Estep Designs (SED) will not be one of those forgotten patterns. I actually just bought this one last week. Instead of waiting for the pattern to be printed by a big company and mailed to me, I decided to print on 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper, tape it together, grade the pattern to fit my size, cut it out and sew it. This process took a couple days, but today I was able to cut it out on the fabric and sew it together. I could not be happier with the way this shirt turned out. 

I made it out of some rib knit that I bought probably two years ago. It’s been so long since I bought the fabric that I have forgotten where I bought it as well as how long ago that purchase was and definitely don’t remember the company I bought it from. Although the neckband is a little big, the rest of the shirt is perfect. I will probably be wearing this shirt for several days in a row as it so comfortable. I done the 3/4 length sleeves as my house is cooler than most and I’m not really a fan of long sleeves as they usually make me hot, so the compromise was to do 3/4 instead.

Look at this beautiful creation. The shorts in this picture is the Iris shorts also designed by SED.