Surviving the Winter Storm of 2021

On Saturday, February 13th a winter storm started coming into the Middle Tennessee area that would lock us down for many days as the roads became impassable and wrecks were happening all over the city. By Sunday everything was frozen solid due to extremely cold temperatures and sleet. On Monday we continued to receive more and more frozen rain, sleet and snow. On Wednesday, it was more snow than sleet and beautiful. I ventured out for a photo shoot to capture this moment in time. Hope you are all warm and cozy wherever you are.

We received another round of snow that was more beautiful than the first go round. I took advantage of a quiet morning to venture out for these beauties, which included the backyard, the bird houses, the street on each side of our house, which you couldn’t even tell were actual streets and the view from our house to the neighbors. This last batch of snow was beautiful, but I am ready for all of this to be over.

A Snowy Day in January

Yesterday was a great day for snow! When I first moved to Nashville back in December 2009 there were many people who told me it didn’t snow here, but that first January we received quite a bit of snow. Much more than I have seen here since. I think God knew that I needed to see snow at this juncture of my move here to help solidify the reasons for me moving here in the first place. I had left so much behind, I needed something to give me joy and peace about my decision and I think the snow helped.

All these years later and I still get my little bit of snow each year and yesterday was no different. At our house, it wasn’t enough to even make a good snowman, but other parts of the area got quiet a bit. It was still enough to make me reach for my camera and capture part of the day.

The pictures of the trees below are all from the neighbors houses across the street. We don’t have any big trees like that in our yard.

When we came to look at the house the seller had a flag hanging on the front porch and it made the house look so much better. We are a military family and the flag represents so much to us. We were surprised on the day we moved in that she had left it here. I think she left it because she knew my husband had served and it was her gift to us to leave it. On this particular day Old Glory looked good in the snow.

Do you have snow where you live? If so, is it just dustings or do you get several feet at a time? I’m not sure I could live in an area that gets several feet, but I wouldn’t mind visiting at least once. After a visit I might change my mind and give living there a try. Something about that gypsy spirit of mine that likes to wander to far away places.


5 More Days

The weather this past week has been crazy cold with snow and ice.  For three and half days I worked from home because the roads were so bad we couldn’t get out.  I sit here today, Sunday, February 22nd reflecting on the fact that this is the last Sunday I will be here in the Nashville area except for the occasional visit.  On Friday, by 5 pm we hope to be pulling out of the campgrounds we have been staying at for the last 2 1/2 months as we hope to be heading south on I-65 towards Florida.  If you had asked me six months ago if I thought this lifestyle was possible for us, I would have said NO!  I don’t think the reality of this has fully set in yet.  I hope that once we are on the road, I will be able to embrace the nomad life with an ease that I never thought possible.  To all my fellow full-time RVers, we hope to see you on the road sooner than later.