How to Sew a Simple Skirt

My new favorite skirt pattern is from Simplicity, pattern number W6762.

This is one of those patterns I bought forever ago, but never got around to making anything out of it. I had bought a gorgeous piece of material with the intentions of making a dress, but after much debate as to which pattern to use, I decided to do a skirt and blouse instead.

The skirt portion of the pattern turned out great, but the top not so much. I didn’t realize until I started to put the band around the neck of the blouse that my material really didn’t have enough stretch to it to make this type of top. So I’ll go back to the drawing board on making a blouse in the future, but for now I’ll pair it with a white top.

To begin with I had to cut the pattern pieces out, which for this was cutting two sides for the front and back on the fold.


Then it was just a matter of sewing up the side seams, leaving a slit on the left side about half way up.

This was the first time I have installed elastic by attaching it to the fabric as opposed to making a casing and inserting elastic. By attaching the elastic to the fabric and then stitching around the skirt I have avoided having my elastic roll up, which is an amazing discovery.  I used this same technique in a pair of lounge pants last week, which is why I used it on this skirt. This will be my go to technique for elastic from here on out.


 The finished product.