Air Fryer – Pork Loin

I finally jumped on the air fryer train. I purchased the Power XL, 1550W, 6 quart, 12-in-1 model. I didn’t realize how big it was until I took it out of the box. I almost returned it as there are only two of us to cook for, but am glad that I kept it. I was very surprised by how much you can do with this appliance and admit I am less likely to use all the functions that it has on it.

The first item I cooked was a pork loin that comes in the plastic wrap already seasoned. I removed it from the plastic, placed it on the grill plate and cooked on the air fryer setting for 25 minutes at 400 degrees. It turned out to be much more delicious than I expected. I look forward to trying more food items in the future.

What it looked like right out of the air fryer!

It was very juicy and tender!