Why I Love Photography

Photography is a way to be creative, capture moments that matter and freeze time. I feel like I have my own little photography museum as I have over 50k photos that I have kept and cataloged over the years. No telling how many shots I deleted. All these photos represent a moment in time, a moment in someone’s life, a moment in my life and that makes them all special in one way or another. There are many reasons why I love photography and there’s no way I could share them all, so here’s a sampling of some of the top reasons.

  • Infinite Possibilities – Every day is different, which means every photo can be different. You can shoot a sunset everyday and never get the same shot.
  • Beauty in Everything – Whether the day is sunny or cloudy, beauty can be found in anything.
  • Emotional Response – Photography has the ability to evoke emotions in others.
  • Reason to Travel – There are so many places worth exploring and photographing.
  • Expression – Allows you to develop you own style so you can express yourself through your images.
  • The Perfect Shot – there is nothing more satisfying than getting the perfect shot.
  • Relaxing – Although photography can be stressful if is also relaxing.
  • Storytelling – a photo can tell a story without a single word.

Photographing Children Can Be Challenging

I love to photograph my grandkids or any kids for that matter as it is one of the best ways to capture the innocence of a child. It’s like when they learn to talk, you never know what might come out of their mouth. Well the same can be said for when you photograph them, you never know what you might capture.

This past weekend I took a trip to Louisiana to visit my youngest daughter to share in the joy of her upcoming baby, who is due at the end of the month. My oldest daughter was also there with her two kids so we got to enjoy a little mini family reunion. 

Because of my love of photography and because I had yet to get photos of these three together it was time for a photo shoot.

Oldest – 13, Baby girl – 3; Baby boy – 2

This brother and sister have a special bond and considering the 10 year age difference it makes their bond even more special. I hope they stay as close as they are now for many years to come.

Baby boy is all boy and as adorable as he can be. He can talk up a storm and is on the go from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed. I pray that he will accept his little sister into his world with the same love and devotion as the two above.


4 of My Most Inspiring Flower Pics

Flowers provide a beauty like landscapes and are something I love to shoot.  These flowers were part of my valentine bouquet.  By photographing the beauties I receive, I get to have memories of special moments in my life.  





What memories do you like to share?