Welcome to Florida

Our first day was long, but that helped to make today a short day so we could make it to Florida and have time to get set up the way we wanted to. We woke up to dry laundry that smelled really clean. I can’t wait to use my new machine more and more, but while we’re sitting at my parents for a couple of weeks I’ll have to hold off on using my new machine as we do not have full hookups here.

It was so nice not to have to rush through the morning. We started our day off slow and it was a welcome change. Greg told me he was glad to see the stress free look on my face. Not having to go to work each day can make a difference in anybody’s life. Our drive was close to 3 hours and only 127 miles. We stopped for lunch at Whataburger before making our destination. The view from our front door is my parent’s pond, which I’ll show off in some future post.

The temperature today was close to 80 degrees, but welcoming after all the snow, sleet, ice and cold temps we had been having in Tennessee. We have a busy week planned exploring the areas around Pensacola, so hopefully we will have lots to share as the days go by.