My Monthly Project Home DIY Box – Jan 2021

If you’ve looked through my website very much you should already know that I love to do all types of craft projects. I recently found a website…well it actually found me as it was on one of my news feeds and I clicked on it. I keep asking myself when am I going to learn NOT to click on those things as they just lead to me spending money, which is exactly what happened this time?

The ad was for a monthly subscription to Project Home DIY (no affiliation) where you can purchase a box from the past or sign up for a monthly subscription and receive the box that comes out the next month. Since I signed up in January I wasn’t supposed to get a box until February, but once I was on the site and saw what was available in the January box I decided to order one and get a jump start.

The box included the wood for three different projects, two paints, a stencil with several words to choose from, some decorative paper, wood glue, twine and a sprig of cotton along with instructions on how to put together what they showed as an example of what the projects could look like. Of course you could put your own spin on it and go outside the box and create whatever you wanted, which I saw several people do on the Facebook group. In your first box your supposed to receive a starter kit as well, so I assume that will come in my February box since that is officially my first subscription box. I personally don’t think the boxes are worth the price they are charging, but I’m still buying them, at least for a few months.

You can tell the fonts are different on the items below which is due to me choosing to make my own as I didn’t really like the stencils that were included as when I used them they didn’t leave as crisp a lines as I like and I could see the imprint from the stencil itself in my paint. I used my Cricut Maker to create some of my own stencils, such as the dog paw and the word believe.

The rolling pin was not part of the monthly subscription, but something I had been wanting to do for several months as I purchased a half dozen of these back in September and had yet to do anything with them. I hope to do some more of the rolling pins to place in other areas of my home or for different holidays. I think it added to this set up, which is displayed in my living room, so I included it.

The box came with all the items shown below. Full disclosure – the below pic was taken from the Project Home DIY site and they are linked in my article above so you can go to them and see how wonderful this subscription is for yourself. Happy Crafting!

Renovations to Our Montana 3791rd

Back in August we decided to renovate our RV in preparation of moving back into it full-time. Our plan was to get it done before our house sold, but that didn’t turn out quite like we planned. The house sold within a day of listing it and closed in 30 days. It was good to get it off our hands so quickly, but there was no way I could get all the renovations completed in just a few short weeks.

Our to do list included:

  • New flooring throughout – DONE, except for the bedroom and bathroom
  • Paint all the walls – DONE, except for the bedroom and bathroom and a little of the hallway
  • Paint all the cabinets – DONE, except for the bedroom and bathroom
  • Remove the couches in the living room – DONE

As you can see the only thing that has been completed is removing the couches from the living room. Because I am using the couch areas to store stuff, I have yet to decide what I will put in those spaces. I would like to add a chair to one side, if not both, just to give extra space for people to sit as now we only have a loveseat, which is another story in itself. The loveseat has seen much better days and will have to be replaced soon.

The walls and cabinets were painted with Pure White (SW7005), Sherwin Williams Showcase Paint. The island was painted with Naval (SW6244), Sherwin Williams Showcase Paint.  I used two coats of paint after using a coat of Kilz Primer. Prior to applying the paint, the walls and cabinets were washed with TSP Cleaner. The color on the flooring is Tavern Oak from Lowe’s.

Below are before and after pics of the spaces that have been completed. I am very happy with the results and look forward to finishing the bedroom and bath as soon as time permits.

We removed the backboard behind the stove and added 3″ x 6″ stainless steel peel and stick tile about 1/8″ thick. It was easy to install.

This pic doesn’t do justice for the color of the island as it is more navy blue in person.

The recipes added to the hutch area were created using a Cricut machine and then applied to a 1/4″ piece of board I painted white, then trimmed in the navy color used on the island. Lots of sweat and tears in that project.

The original backboard was removed, which was applied with some heavy duty tape that was hard to remove, which is why I created the new board to cover it up. I also removed the decorative pieces that were below the small storage cabinets.

A closer view of the island. We trimmed all the way around at the bottom in quarter round to finish out the look.

This cabinet piece took a lot more time than I expected, but it turned out rather nicely. I only added two rows of the back splash as I didn’t like the look of the whole wall being done.

A Special Ornament

Back in the early 2000’s my husband and I had started a painting business and that year for Christmas one of his sisters found an ornament that was perfect for the occasion. I have no idea where she found it, but it was perfect. It had the ladder, paint brushes, paint and rolls that looked like wallpaper. I always thought it was funny that she bought that for him when I was the one who done more of the painting than him. Since his death in 2008 I think I have continued the painting “tradition” as it seems every house I move into I have to add my “touch” by painting at least one wall.

In keeping with the “tradition”, each year that ornament gets put on the tree for me to admire, reminisce and reflect on all the homes that I have painted and the joy that some of them brought me as I transformed a house into a home, or a room into a sanctuary. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much.

How We Remodeled Our RV

From the moment we bought our Gateway, I have contemplated making changes in order to make it more homey feeling. I’ve never been a fan of wallpaper walls and I hate carpet, especially with pets in the house all the time. However, when we first moved in back in November I was still working full-time and from there we were traveling full-time, so the opportunity to make drastic changes never presented itself. The only change I made right away was getting rid of the balloon valances that came with the RV. There was some differences in the furniture in what the stock photos show and what we actually had, but not much. We had two recliners with a console in between on the same side as the dining room table and then the other side had a couch that included a lounge chair on one end. All the seats had recliners, but wasn’t the most comfortable or well-built.

Being that we had to totally remodel our sticks and bricks before we could sell, you would think I would have had enough painting and redecorating, but I get bored easily and the best way to fill the boredom was to start a big remodel on our new home. After a little persuasion with my hubby, I got the go ahead to paint and install new flooring. It’s funny what a few coats of paint and a few personal touches can do to make a place feel like home.

As for the furniture, we exchanged the loveseat recliner and console for two Euro chairs and ottomans along with a side table with built-in charging ports for phones and computers. The couch was exchanged for a single chair, side table and an area for the doggy crate. I do not like clutter and needed a place for the furbabies to have their house as well. We left the dining room table as is. We removed all the carpet in the living room and installed Allure flooring from Home Depot in both our slides, living room, dining room and kitchen area. In addition, I painted all the walls in this area as well. I did not want to paint any of the wood as I like the dark wood. My idea was to paint a lighter color that would help brighten up the place. I chose Cafe Cream for all the rooms except the bathroom. The curtains I had changed out when we first moved in were also updated with sheers that include a color design that brings out all the colors in the home: brown, green and cream.The shears allow light to come in when the shades are raised. I’m not sure which was worse in this area: installing the floor or painting the walls.Living Room

In the bathroom I chose the color: Simply Sage. The Allure floor was also installed and I changed out the towels and rug to balance out all the changes.Bathroom

We kept the carpet on the steps that lead up to the bath and bedroom area, but the section outside the bath was painted and new floor installed.Other Pics

In addition to the paint and new flooring in the bedroom, I also purchased new bedding. I left the curtains that I had originally updated when we first moved in, but I’m not happy with them and will probably change these out to. I don’t think the blue in the bed cover matches the blue curtains.Bedroom

All of the changes took about two weeks to complete, but we are very pleased with the outcome and if I had to do it over again I would have done it sooner. I have added little touches here and there, with flowers that can be changed seasonally, as well as a few more photos than what was originally hanging. With all the changes, it really does feel more like home.

The biggest downside to removing the carpet is having to clean the floor more often, but with two puppies that are still being trained, removing carpet has been a life saver.

Please share your remodel tips and ideas as well as suggestions. If you want more information about our changes, please feel free to ask.

Until we meet down the road…