Busy Weekend Doing Renovation Projects

This weekend was super busy as we are trying to finish up some of the renovation projects we started on the sticks and brick house before we decided we wanted to be full-time RVers. The bathroom finally got its paint makeover and it looks so much better. The doors have been hung throughout the entire house, but they still need handles added. I’m starting to lose my patience with getting everything done as I want the house on the market like yesterday so we can move into the RV. I am so ready for this new life we are embarking on and the anticipation of getting started is really starting to get to me.

Another thing I am looking forward to is having more time with my camera. In anticipation of that, my hubby wants to buy me a new and better one so I took a couple of hours on Saturday to go try out one that I had rented to see if I like it before buying it. I’m a Nikon girl and currently have a D60, but am looking at upgrading to the D610.  I was trying a 24-85 mm lens as well, which I really like.