Happy Fourth of July

Since we didn’t catch any fish back in May, we opted for another trip to West Virginia to try our luck again. Unfortunately the fish weren’t biting very well, but we still had fun while there. Greg took me to his hometown a couple of hours away and we visited a few other places as well. The scenery in West Virginia is beautiful and I enjoyed just driving around seeing parts of the US that I’ve never seen before. We went to the Exhibition Coal Mine. It was eye opening to see how coal miners had to live and survive.

The New River, Hinton, WV

If you look real close below, you can see the deer in the water. We watched him go from one side of the river to the other.

The New River, Hinton, WV

The New River, Hinton, WV


Memorial Day in West Virginia

Memorial Day Weekend.

Greg is from West Virginia. I’ve never been there, so we decided to spend this weekend in the hills of West Virginia. We stayed on The New River in Hinton to be exact. We took our boat up and tried it out a few times. We never caught any fish, but just being on the water is relaxing in itself. Greg’s parents and two brothers were also there.

Sandstone Falls