Life After a Tornado

I’ve been trying to write about what happened in Middle Tennessee last Monday night for the past week but couldn’t bring myself to write about it as it still seems so unreal. When we went to bed on Monday night (March 2nd) we had no idea that the weather was supposed to get as bad as it did. The last thing we saw on the news was that Kentucky was going to get some bad stuff.

Where we live, we have tornado sirens that go off when a tornado is approaching and that is what woke me up as my phone was on silent, so I never heard the alarms on it. I remember the clock saying 12:57 am right before we lost power. The sirens were really load and kept going off constantly, so I knew something was wrong. I woke my husband up as he would have probably slept through it all.

Once I woke him up, we could hear the wind whipping and the RV started shaking as the winds picked up more and more. I’m sure it was only seconds that passed, but it seemed like several minutes as time seemed to stop. We could hear the winds getting louder and heavier and then we heard that sound that sounded like a train. There was nowhere for us to go as we do not have a storm shelter and at this point it would have been too late to try to get anywhere and living in the RV there was no place that was safe to hunker down, so we laid in our bed holding our pups to wait out what could have been our final moments in life.

I spent the time praying that God watch over my children and grandchildren and help them to get through whatever aftermath they might face if this was my last few moments on earth. I also prayed that God would let us go peacefully and without pain.

Once the tornado passed, the winds died down and everything seemed so silent. My husband went outside, but couldn’t see much at that time of night, but could tell that all the RV’s and mobile homes right around us were okay. It would only be a matter of minutes before we could hear the sirens of police, fire and rescue sounding through the night.

For what seemed like hours we sat in our bed thanking God we were still alive and wondering just how bad it was outside of our little space and just how many lives had been affected by what we were seeing online already. After what seemed like forever, we laid down to try and rest. It would not be until morning that we would see and hear more about what had happened in the night.

Our power was restored before noon the next day. We were one of the lucky ones. As of the writing of this post there are still people without power. The storm stayed on the ground stretching over 60 miles from the west side of Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee to Cookeville, Putman County, Tennessee. There are 25 deaths including children and many more injured.

The tornado strengths ranged from an EF-2 to EF-4 as it touched down in:

  • Germantown/North Nashville
  • East Nashville/Five Points
  • Donelson
  • Juliet (the town we live in)
  • Cookeville

Although these cities have endured much over the past week, the communities have come together, and people are helping people in so many ways. Volunteers have come from all over the US to help in clean up and restoration of power and so much more.

It’s times like this that make you really think about your life and how you live each day. It will take many months, if not years, for the areas affected to fully recover, but they will recover. I pray for all the families that have lost a loved one, their home, pets and more that they will have the strength to endure the days ahead and know that they are not alone in their journey.

My husband asked me if I wanted to move back into a sticks and bricks house after living through this and the experience we had being in the RV and hearing the winds and feeling the RV shake and not knowing if we would see the light of day again, and I quickly said NO. It wasn’t until later that I started to regret living in the RV, but that was only when I thought about what could have happened if that tornado had moved only ½ mile to the right, which is all it would have taken for us to be part of the devastation. I am so grateful that God looked out for us that night. I have to believe I still have a purpose for being here and that God wasn’t ready to call me home just yet. While I’m here I want to make the most of my life and I want to enjoy every day that I have because times like this show us that things can change in a blink of an eye.