Closing the Chapter on RV Life

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long you know that we have been renovating our RV for several months now. Some of which was during the time we were still living in it full-time. As of December 2020 we had purchased a site built home and had decided to give up the RV life for good. There were still some renovations that needed to be completed and in April we were able to complete those, which was mostly the bathroom getting painted and installing new flooring. When we removed the carpet originally while still living in it we had gone with some wood tongue and grove planks that were light colored and were never happy with them so we decided to switch out with peel and stick dark wood look tiles which made such a big difference.

In addition, we made custom day beds where the original couches were in the living room slides and added a butcher block counter and cabinets in the dining room area. All of these changes made a big difference to the overall look of the place. Once all the renovations were complete we listed it for sale on, Facebook Marketplace and the sale lot at Fort Campbell Army Base in Clarksville, Tennessee. We received several calls and offers with lots of people only wanting the truck, but we wanted to sale as a package deal. After about a week we decided if we could sale the RV first we would split the package up. We would have made more profit in the end, but we honored the package deal when a couple saw it on the base and sold our babies on the 6th of May.

It is now time to move on to the next chapter. What that next chapter is we aren’t so sure about or at least I’m not so sure about it anyway. My dream place would be something tiny on a lakefront that has a dock so I can fish every day if I want and at the least can sit out and look at the water every day. We’ll have to see if we can make that happen or not.

I will miss the ability to move around as my gypsy spirit doesn’t like sitting for too long in one place, but am also looking forward to what might come next. The RV was what we needed while we had it and I hope the next couple can make many more memories in it and that it will live on for several years.

Below are pictures of the final renovations.

The custom day bed that converts to a bed by pulling out the trundle type piece and placing the two mattresses side by side. There is one of these in each slide in the living room.

A view of the new floors from the kitchen looking into the living room.

A view of the kitchen from the steps in the living room.

The renovated dining area with desk and cabinets.

Renovated bathroom.



Bedroom Renovation in the RV

Last year this time we started renovating our 2017 Montana as I had had enough of the dark dreary look that to me made the RV feel smaller than it already is. At the time we had been living in a house that we bought in October 2018 after having lived in an RV for 3 years, but had decided living tiny was more what we really wanted. It’s much easier to move away from neighbors you don’t like when your house is on wheels. However, before we moved back into the RV we wanted to do all the renovations including new floors, painting and new blinds. We figured we would get it done way before the house actually sold not knowing or even thinking that the house would sell as fast as it did. We got a cash offer the second day on the market with a 30 day close. We had an entire house full of furniture to unload, which ended up in storage and an RV to get renovated. Well we didn’t quite make that deadline. We only got the living room area completed before we were living full-time in the RV again.

So here we are a year later and I’m still trying to get the renovations finished. The only full room left is the bathroom; although I do have the floor planks and know what I’m doing with the walls. I just have to make time to get it done. The closet in the bedroom also has to be finished as when I painted the bedroom I only painted the closet door, not the inside of the closet. This weekend I finally added the accent wall that I had been wanting to do. It’s peel and stick wallpaper from RoomMates. I purchased two rolls, but only needed one. It came as a 20.5 inch x 10.5 foot roll. I still need to complete the decorations for the walls, but for now I consider myself done.

Below are several different views.


In order for you to have an appreciation for how good it looks now, you need to see what it looked like before. What a difference! I am beyond excited for the transformation and can’t wait to get the decorations on the wall.

UPDATE: So after I posted this I decided to add a little something to that accent wall. I love how this sign turned out. It’s the first time I’ve done one with a stencil and paint.

Renovations to Our Montana 3791rd

Back in August we decided to renovate our RV in preparation of moving back into it full-time. Our plan was to get it done before our house sold, but that didn’t turn out quite like we planned. The house sold within a day of listing it and closed in 30 days. It was good to get it off our hands so quickly, but there was no way I could get all the renovations completed in just a few short weeks.

Our to do list included:

  • New flooring throughout – DONE, except for the bedroom and bathroom
  • Paint all the walls – DONE, except for the bedroom and bathroom and a little of the hallway
  • Paint all the cabinets – DONE, except for the bedroom and bathroom
  • Remove the couches in the living room – DONE

As you can see the only thing that has been completed is removing the couches from the living room. Because I am using the couch areas to store stuff, I have yet to decide what I will put in those spaces. I would like to add a chair to one side, if not both, just to give extra space for people to sit as now we only have a loveseat, which is another story in itself. The loveseat has seen much better days and will have to be replaced soon.

The walls and cabinets were painted with Pure White (SW7005), Sherwin Williams Showcase Paint. The island was painted with Naval (SW6244), Sherwin Williams Showcase Paint.  I used two coats of paint after using a coat of Kilz Primer. Prior to applying the paint, the walls and cabinets were washed with TSP Cleaner. The color on the flooring is Tavern Oak from Lowe’s.

Below are before and after pics of the spaces that have been completed. I am very happy with the results and look forward to finishing the bedroom and bath as soon as time permits.

We removed the backboard behind the stove and added 3″ x 6″ stainless steel peel and stick tile about 1/8″ thick. It was easy to install.

This pic doesn’t do justice for the color of the island as it is more navy blue in person.

The recipes added to the hutch area were created using a Cricut machine and then applied to a 1/4″ piece of board I painted white, then trimmed in the navy color used on the island. Lots of sweat and tears in that project.

The original backboard was removed, which was applied with some heavy duty tape that was hard to remove, which is why I created the new board to cover it up. I also removed the decorative pieces that were below the small storage cabinets.

A closer view of the island. We trimmed all the way around at the bottom in quarter round to finish out the look.

This cabinet piece took a lot more time than I expected, but it turned out rather nicely. I only added two rows of the back splash as I didn’t like the look of the whole wall being done.

We Bought a New RV

We arrived back in Ohio on Sunday, September 11th to finish up last-minute packing before picking up our new RV, a Keystone Montana model 3791rd.  We arrived at the dealership on the 13th at 9:00 am having no idea what to expect.  Lucky for us RCD Sales made the experience very simple.  We were given a tour of our Montana, completed the necessary paperwork and then on to the real chore of switching from one RV to the other.  Take my word for it, it is much easier moving from a sticks and brick to an RV than from an RV to an RV.  One of the biggest features of the 3791 model is the storage underneath, and one of the main reasons we decided to purchase this model so we took advantage of all that space and moved 90% of our stuff to the storage area.  Six hours after we arrived we were headed back to the campground for the real work to begin.  We had two days to get the RV organized as Friday was our anticipated departure date to get back on track with our current trip. 

One of the other features that I was looking forward to was the stackable washer and dryer instead of a combo feature like what we had before.  I started washing clothes the moment we were set up and felt like I would never get through.  Unfortunately on the second to last load the dryer started sounding really bad so no more drying clothes until we can get it looked at.  We talked to the dealer and they were going to look at it on Friday morning before we left, but unfortunately we never made our planned departure on Friday as my husband had emergency surgery that morning instead. By the time I posted this blog post I had finally got to bring my husband home from the hospital and call the dealership to have the dryer looked at.  They had to order another one, so it will be a few days before we get it back. Lucky for us we have to stick around for my hubby to recuperate from surgery so it worked out in the end.

The other big feature for me was having an ice maker.  The water line that the dealership showed us to turn on turned out to not be the one for the ice maker and once we found the right one and turned it on, it ended up leaking, but we didn’t notice until the pantry floor was covered in water, which is where the water line on/off valve is located.  Luckily my husband was able to fix it himself and save us from having to wait on the dealership.

As of today (Sept 23rd) we have been in the house for 10 days and finally at the point that we can start to enjoy this beautiful home. I am so happy we made the change as the layout and space is perfect for us. The raised living room has seating for at least 6 and includes 2 full-size beds if anyone wants to come for a visit. The recliners are perfect not only for us, but also for the furbabies. We have eaten at our dining room table more in the last 10 days than we ever sat at our table in the old house or our sticks and bricks house for that matter.  It will also serve as my sewing table so being a multi-purpose table was essential for us.  The kitchen layout is perfect for cooking and I’m learning to use our convection oven.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have never cooked in one before, but look forward to conquering the challenge. Although the bathroom is smaller than our last RV, it still rocks and has all the necessities.  Loosing the bathtub hasn’t been an issue as I prefer the shower seat any day.  The king size bed gives us enough room for the furbabies to sleep with us and us to still have actual room to sleep.  It’s funny how much room two 15 pound dogs can take up, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  They are our family and life would not be the same without them. 

Now for a tour of our beautiful home…. a few views from the outside.





Different views around the living room. Two couches on each side of the room in a slide out that convert to full-size beds. The loveseat recliners are in the pic on the bottom right.  They face the tv head on.

living-roomCan’t have a house without a bathroom!

bathroomNot sure if I should call this our bedroom or the furbabies as they spend as much time in here as we do.!bedroom

Of course I saved the best for last….THE KITCHEN!!!! 


The sink and stove with covers added giving more counter space!


Without the covers!


Coffee bar and crock pot cooking today!!!


The view from the kitchen to the living room. The dining room table is on the left.


The view from the living room into the kitchen.

The multi-purpose dining room table that also serves as my sewing table.

The multi-purpose dining room table that also serves as my sewing table.