My Birthday Weekend

Today is my 53rd birthday. Sometimes I feel like I’m seventy, but I’m grateful for another day to explore this beautiful country that I call home. This past Saturday was my day to celebrate since I would have to work on my actual birthday. My husband and I had decided to take a drive out to Land Between the Lakes (LBTW), but before we headed there we stopped off at Red Lobster and had a late lunch. I had the crab legs and lobster, which was delicious, and he had fish and chips. He also gave me my birthday present, which this year amounted to cash. Fabric store here I come.

LBTW is located on the Tennessee/Kentucky line and we chose to go there to see if we could spot any Elk in the Bison and Elk Prairie. We have been several times before and have never once seen any elk, but have seen lots of bison and turkey. All our visits before were always during the middle of the day, but this time we purposely waiting until closer to dusk.

Today was a GREAT DAY as we seen so many elk that I couldn’t keep count. The admission into the prairie is $5.00 per vehicle and then the road is paved all the way around, so you just follow it around. There are a couple of look out spots that you can stop at, but always remember these animals are still wild, so please be careful and not approach too close. They recommend that you stay within 10 feet of your vehicle.

As soon as we drove in, we knew there had to be something up ahead as all the cars before us had stopped. As we got closer, we could see an elk on the left and then another. We stopped and watched for quite some time. One cut across the road to the right, which made it better for me because I could photograph right from the window and not have to venture out from the safety of my seat.


We continued around and came to a huge assortment of not just bulls, but cows (females) and a few babies along with some bison as well.  The pic below shows the assortment. We stopped every few feet so I could get some close-up shots; however, with my 600mm lens I could zoom in on just about any of them.

As we traveled on around, we saw a few more along with some turkeys who had taken roost in the trees already as it was getting close to sundown. As we neared the end of the road we were able to swing back through for another look as number 181, that I had gotten when we first came in, had now walked further in and was coming out of the clearing on the other side, but not far enough out in the open to really see him, so we drove around again to give him time to wander on out. I was able to shoot a few more of the bulls along the way and as we came around the last bend, sure enough, number 181 was out in the open field. He was so immaculate and posed several times for me to get some good shots.

All in all, our day could not have been more perfect. I appreciate Greg for entertaining all my ideas and taking time to chauffeur me around to see all the animals as well as the covered bridges, lighthouses, and waterfalls that I enjoy photographing. Our next outing will be to see some waterfalls.