How We Spent Our Time on Lake Guntersville

We just spent three of the best days on Lake Guntersville.  I found this place by luck searching for lakes in Alabama and wish I had gone there long before now. The place is called Honeycomb Campground and is a national park run by Recreation Resource Management. Our site was right on the waterfront. We fished on the lake every morning and evening and had the most wonderful time. Although we didn’t catch as many fish as we would have liked, we still enjoyed our time on the water. We fish in our kayaks and take our little doggy with us. As you can see from the photos below he was content whether he was in front of me looking over the sides for fish or laying on the back cooling it in the breeze.  The peacefulness while peddling through the water was totally awesome.  I could have stayed on the water all day long doing nothing but floating around.  The sunrise and sunsets were so gorgeous. It makes me appreciate God’s beauty when I see things like this.

Sunrise on the 5th

Sunrise on the 3rd

Sunrise on the 5th

The dock viewable from our front yard.

Packed up to leave on the 6th. You can see how close we were to the water.  We could put our kayaks in the water right at our site.

We are headed back to Florida to visit with family, attend our granddaughters 2nd birthday, and then take our oldest grandson on a trip to Tennessee before ending our time in Florida with a beach trip with my daughter and her family before heading out west in mid-July.

Hope to see you all on the road!