My Job Hunting Finally Paid Off

For several months I have been applying for different positions within Kroger that I could transfer to, but nothing was working out, so I decided it was best to go outside the company in hopes of finding the right fit for me. I applied for several positions, but the only interview I got was with Vanderbilt University Medical Center. I worked there the first time I moved to Nashville back in December 2009. I had tried several times to get rehired, but nothing ever panned out until now.

I applied on May 9th for several positions they had advertised, but only received a call back on one position. My interview was on the 21st. On the 24th I received an offer that I couldn’t say no too. The salary and benefits were more than I had expected. Because the supervisor would be out of the office for almost the entire month of June, my start date was put off until July 1st. Now I had to decide how much of a notice I would give to Kroger. I ended up giving them a three-week notice, which I didn’t have to do, but I try not to burn too many bridges when I leave a job.

Now I can go through the rest of the month with ease knowing that I have a new job to look forward too and a world of opportunities waiting for me.

I got a JOB

A few weeks back I wrote about searching for a J-O-B and how difficult it was to get interviews. Well I’m happy to report that I finally got the winning interview.


I start my new job on the 26th working for Kroger. I’ll be in the corporate office in Nashville working in the accounting department. I am so excited for this opportunity. When I walked into the interview I felt the job was mine before we even started talking. There was just a peace I felt and I had been praying for days that God would send me to the right place that he had for me and the feeling of peace I had told me this was going to be my opportunity. There is opportunity to grow with the company and I could end up moving across the country if something presents itself in the future.


The only downfall so far is I will have to drive an hour each way to get to work, but after a while I’ll get use to it. Not sure if working 9 hour days is a pro or a con, but having to only work 4 hours per day on Friday is definitely a con. That way I have at least one day a week to take care of personal stuff without having to take off work to get stuff done.


I really was beginning to think I would never get a job, but as soon as I walked out of the interview I knew the call was going to come that I had this job. When the phone rang two days later I knew I was going to be getting good news. I can’t explain the excitement I felt when she said the words, “we want to offer you the job!”  I’m looking forward to seeing where this job takes me.