My Monthly Project Home DIY Box – Jan 2021

If you’ve looked through my website very much you should already know that I love to do all types of craft projects. I recently found a website…well it actually found me as it was on one of my news feeds and I clicked on it. I keep asking myself when am I going to learn NOT to click on those things as they just lead to me spending money, which is exactly what happened this time?

The ad was for a monthly subscription to Project Home DIY (no affiliation) where you can purchase a box from the past or sign up for a monthly subscription and receive the box that comes out the next month. Since I signed up in January I wasn’t supposed to get a box until February, but once I was on the site and saw what was available in the January box I decided to order one and get a jump start.

The box included the wood for three different projects, two paints, a stencil with several words to choose from, some decorative paper, wood glue, twine and a sprig of cotton along with instructions on how to put together what they showed as an example of what the projects could look like. Of course you could put your own spin on it and go outside the box and create whatever you wanted, which I saw several people do on the Facebook group. In your first box your supposed to receive a starter kit as well, so I assume that will come in my February box since that is officially my first subscription box. I personally don’t think the boxes are worth the price they are charging, but I’m still buying them, at least for a few months.

You can tell the fonts are different on the items below which is due to me choosing to make my own as I didn’t really like the stencils that were included as when I used them they didn’t leave as crisp a lines as I like and I could see the imprint from the stencil itself in my paint. I used my Cricut Maker to create some of my own stencils, such as the dog paw and the word believe.

The rolling pin was not part of the monthly subscription, but something I had been wanting to do for several months as I purchased a half dozen of these back in September and had yet to do anything with them. I hope to do some more of the rolling pins to place in other areas of my home or for different holidays. I think it added to this set up, which is displayed in my living room, so I included it.

The box came with all the items shown below. Full disclosure – the below pic was taken from the Project Home DIY site and they are linked in my article above so you can go to them and see how wonderful this subscription is for yourself. Happy Crafting!

A Snowy Day in January

Yesterday was a great day for snow! When I first moved to Nashville back in December 2009 there were many people who told me it didn’t snow here, but that first January we received quite a bit of snow. Much more than I have seen here since. I think God knew that I needed to see that at those juncture of my move here to help solidify the reasons for me moving here in the first place. I had left so much behind, I needed something to give me joy and peace about my decision and I think the snow helped.

All these years later and I still get my little bit of snow each year and yesterday was no different. At our house, it wasn’t enough to even make a good snowman, but other parts of the area got quiet a bit. It was still enough to make me reach for my camera and capture part of the day.

The pictures of the trees below are all from the neighbors houses across the street. We don’t have any big trees like that in our yard.

When we came to look at the house the seller had a flag hanging on the front porch and it made the house look so much better. We are a military family and the flag represents so much to us. We were surprised on the day we moved in that she had left it here. I think she left it because she knew my husband had served and it was her gift to us to leave it. On this particular day Old Glory looked good in the snow.

Do you have snow where you live? If so, is it just dustings or do you get several feet at a time? I’m not sure I could live in an area that gets several feet, but I wouldn’t mind visiting at least once. After a visit I might change my mind and give living there a try. Something about that gypsy spirit of mine that likes to wander to far away places.