December Weight Loss Update

Here we are at the end of another month and I am so excited with the progress that I have made. As of today, I have lost a total of 20 pounds. In addition to the weight loss I am down 5 inches in my waist and 3 inches through the chest.

When I started this program, I wasn’t sure if I would be successful at it, but I am beyond pleased with my progress so far. I ended my first six weeks round of HCG shots on the 19th. I had three days of maintaining the same types of foods before I was able to start adding more fats to my diet as well as berries. On the 23rd I started my first week of Phase 3. It was hard to stick to the plan during that week with it being Christmas and I was out of town a few days, but I was back on track on the 27th and am looking forward to the next few weeks.

For three weeks I will continue to add berries and approved fats, then I will start adding grains. The first week will only be at breakfast and then each week after will add lunch and then dinner. Once I am through Phase 3, I will repeat the process from the beginning.

I also had another round of blood test on the 23rd to make sure my hormone replacement pellets were doing what they should be doing. I can tell that my fatigue has improved as well as other symptoms I was having. On the 30th I received a booster pellet as some of my numbers were still not where the doctor wanted them to be. I wish I had done this a long time ago because the changes I am experiencing right now are amazing.

November Weight Loss Update

Time for an update on my weight loss. I am so proud of myself. Other than going off plan for Thanksgiving I have stuck very close to the “rules.” I have completely given up my sweet tea which is a big deal for me. I only drink water, except for my night time meds that I take with 2 oz. apple juice. I won’t lie and say it was easy because it wasn’t. Drinking water all day sucks.

On the 14th I went in for my pellet insertion for the Hormone Replacement Therapy. The only thing that hurt at the time of insertion was the needle of lidocaine to numb the area where the pellets would be inserted. I didn’t feel them go in, but boy I felt them over the next few days. I didn’t think my rear would ever quit hurting. By the end of the month I could tell a little difference in some things, but we will have to wait till my six-week follow up to see how the numbers change on my blood work.

My last weekly appointment for weigh in was on the 25th and in the last month I have lost 11 pounds. If I can stay on this track, I will exceed my goal in 9 months. I know some months will be harder than others and I know it will not be easy doing this, but I am determined.

I asked my husband if I met my goal what would I get? A cruise? He said, “you should be happy with good health.”  Definitely not what I wanted to hear. I’ll just go on a cruise without him and then he’ll wish he had jumped on board with me in this journey.

Self-Care is Priority

I decided I needed to start doing something to better my health and part of that is to lose some weight. In the last 5 years I have gained at least 50 pounds and at only 5’4” that is not good. I saw a Groupon listing for Lipo shots and because I have done them before I decided to check the place out, so I made an appointment to see what it was all about because the place does way more than just hand out Lipo shots. My first appointment was on Oct 30th. In addition to doing Lipo, they also help with weight management and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). They do bloodwork to determine what you need in regard to the HRT and come up with a plan to help you loose the number of pounds you want to lose. I told them I wanted to lose 75 pounds.

My second appointment was today with the doctor who went over my plan and blood work and told me how long it would take for them to help me get to where I wanted my ideal weight to be. I went over the diet plan and was in for a total shock. Had they told me before what type of plan this was and what little I could eat I probably would have run. The diet plan is the HCG Diet. I will be doing 6 weeks on daily HCG shots, 6 weeks off for three cycles. In addition, I do two Lipo shots per week every week for 36 weeks. I have a weekly weigh in, must track my daily food intake and drink lots and lots of water and NO sugar. Giving myself the shots is not a big deal as I have done that before. I will also be getting HRT in the form of pellets. My first insertion is on the 14th. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Wish me luck and pray for me because I will need it in order to stick to this.