Repairs to Homer are Done

It took us a couple of weeks to get the truck fixed and Homer as well, but finally on October 24th we were able to pick both up from the shop. I was so happy to have my baby back in his spot. The sticks and brick place is finally finished and ready to go on the market. I’ve decided if we can’t sell within about 60 days we are going to rent it out because I’m ready to get on the road.

I read several blogs throughout the week and can’t wait to be out there among all of you seeing this beautiful country and just being out in nature. I have seen enough of the city rat race and big towns. I want to see back country roads, mountains and nature at its best.

Our First Trip in the RV

We took “Homer” out for his first outing this weekend to a KOA campground in Hurricane Mills, TN about an hour or so from home. We wanted to make sure everything worked like it’s suppose to and set up the satellite and just get a feel for what life is going to be like when we can do this full-time.

It was fun trying to find out what the unmarked switches go to especially when you discover blown bulbs. Eventually we got all the switches figured out but one. Still not sure what the one that says, “entry” is for as it does not make the light in the entryway come on. That switch is right at the floor to the left of the door when you come in.  I had to call Direct TV to get help with the satellite, but now we will be ready for our next trip. Although we had planned to visit Loretta Lynn’s place, we never made it there as football won out and just taking time to relax. It was much-needed after the last few weeks we have had.

On Sunday, we hooked up and dumped on the way out and right as my husband pulled out on the main road, the trailer came unhooked and fell on the bed of the truck. We’re not sure how that happened as he had put the pin in it, but it wasn’t there when it came loose. Damage to the truck is pretty bad as the weight of the trailer smashed the side of the truck bed and the tailgate. Homer is scratched, but all is fixable. The checklist I’ve been reading about on other blogs will now be put to use EVERY TIME we take Homer out.

UPDATE: The pics below were not added until 2020 when I finally found them on an old disk. I knew I had pics documenting this unfortunate event, but could not for the life of me find them when I made this entry way back in 2014. The pics will show you all the damage done to the bed of the truck as well as the damage to the RV. I didn’t get a picture of the RV when it was sitting on the truck as when it all happened Greg was quick to jump out and get the legs down to pick it up off the bed of the truck while we figured out what to do next. Luckily the hitch was not damaged so we were able to hook up correctly and pull the RV to the repair shop. The bed of the truck was completely replaced as it was beyond repair. The front cap of the RV had to be replaced as it was too far damaged to patch. The cover for the hitch area was also replaced.