Winding down

Time is winding down and soon we will be ready to pull out of Nashville and head south. The weather has been so crazy around here lately, it makes me wish we were leaving today. I sold the last item that was tying us down…my beloved car. We sold it to a young couple who had been looking for a car since September and for some reason fell in love with mine. It’s times like this that make me believe we are on the right path and that God has his hand in what we are doing. Once the car sold on the 4th, we had to wait for the title to come in to complete the sale and lucky for us it arrived on the 11th and the deal was finalized. I’ve been driving the hubby’s truck since it sold on the 4th and enjoying every minute of it.

Put my notice in at work on the 6th, which ended up being a three-week notice instead of two to allow a little more time for the boss to get some new bodies in place since a co-worker had left a week prior. I’m a softy when it comes to looking out for my co-workers cause I know they will end up having to carry the load when their short-handed and I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me. As of today, we have 15 days before we hit I-65 and head south.

We’ve been staying at Campers RV Park in Columbia, TN since the middle of December paying by the month, but since we are pulling out on the 27th we only need 12 days from when our time runs out so we’re thinking of moving over to the state park, Henry Horton, about 12 miles out from our current location to save on money and to have something different to look at for a few days. Plus with the park being on the Duck River, it will give hubby something to do if it ever warms up while I go to work for a few more days.

Henry Horton State Park

Today we decided to go to the local state park and see what we might discover. We encountered several deer while driving through the park. It was nice to get out and relax and just enjoy not having anything to do. Getting use to not having a “project” to work on has been challenging, but I look forward to the day when my time is filled with exploring many new places as we travel all over the US. Here are a few of my favorite shots from today’s adventure.