Trip to Florida for a birthday

Took a couple days off to make a trip to Florida to see my grandbabies. We were all coming together to celebrate Madison’s sixth birthday. I can’t believe how fast these kids are growing up. The trip was uneventful for the most part.

We decided to stay in a cabin on the lake in a campground that we stayed in when we lived in Tallahassee a couple years ago because my husband wanted to take the boat so he could do some fishing while I was visiting with the kids. I think he took the boat out of the slip one time and that was it. The weather was hot and humid. The cabin had the worse bed I have ever slept on and was only a full-size and we are used to sleeping on a king. There was not enough room for one of us much less all four (the dogs sleep with us). He slept on the couch one night and his chair the next and I slept on the bed one night and the couch the next. After that we decided we had had enough and left a day earlier than we had planned.

The trip wasn’t a total bust as I got to see four grandbabies and my daughters, plus my Mom. I can’t believe Madi is getting so big. Courtney had rented a bouncy house and water slide combo thing and the kids loved it. It was the perfect way to keep them cool. We played corn hole for the first time. She had a pinata filled with candy that the kids loved. She got way more stuff than she needed, but don’t most kids? The kids had treat bags, food, cake and so much fun which made everything else small in comparison.

All in all, it was a great trip and I enjoyed my time seeing everybody. Not sure when I will make it back to Florida as the next trip needs to be to Louisiana. Speaking of Louisiana, Jackson’s birthday was going to be the next month, so I took his presents with me and let him have an early birthday. That’s one thing about kids, they don’t care when they open presents as long as they get them.

Our First Thanksgiving in the RV

We left on the evening of the 26th headed for Florida to visit with my parents. Our plan was to drive about 4 hours give or take and then overnight at a Wal-Mart and finish up the trip on Thursday morning. Dinner somewhere in Alabama ended up taking over an hour at Cracker Barrel due to our incompetent waitress.

When we got up Thursday morning someone had parked right behind the 5th wheel so we could not back up and the fool who parked in front of us thankfully had left a couple of spots. We were parked in the area designated for RVers and were parked in the same row of a couple 18 wheelers, but for whatever reason a couple of car people decided to be funny. We didn’t linger very long in fear that we might get blocked in and who knows how long it would have taken for the people to finally move their vehicles. Lesson learned….always park where you can’t get blocked in.

We spent 4 days in the town of Molino, which is where I grew up. One of my daughters came on Saturday, which give us time to see two of our grandchildren as well. Overall it was a nice trip. On Sunday we finally pulled out around 10 am. Because I still have J-O-B we had to make the full trip back in a day and with it being a holiday weekend traffic was a nightmare on I-65. It ended up taking us until 9:30 pm before we pulled in to the RV resort we would be staying at. We had hoped to be able to stay for several months, but it ended up being we could only stay 2 weeks.