Sewing & Knitting for a New Grandbaby

As soon as my daughter told me she was expecting again, my mind started running as to all the things I wanted to make either by sewing, knitting or crocheting and I couldn’t wait to get started. Of course, I had to wait till I knew if it was a boy or girl before I got too far going.  What did we all do back in the day when we had to actually wait for delivery to know what we were having?  

Anyway, I knew I wanted to make burp cloths as they seemed to be the one thing that you need the most and seems to be the one item my girls were lacking at their baby showers for previous births. Plus I like to make them using cloth diapers as they are much more absorbent than the store-bought type.  I use flannel in different baby  patterns on one side to add a different look and if you lay the flannel side on your shoulder it helps to keep the burp cloth from falling off as easy.  I usually purchase 1/2 yard of flannel, which allows me to get enough fabric to make two burp cloths. There easy to make and you can see below the four different patterns I ended up using.  

I pre-wash the diapers, cut the flannel the same size, put right sides together and sew around the edge leaving a hole to turn right side out. Once I turn right side out, I top-stitch all the way around the diaper which will close up the hole I left to turn. I also sew down the seams on the pre-folded portion of the diaper. This prevents the diaper from rolling up when washed.

I recently learned to embroidery so I took this time to fancy up a couple of the cloth diapers and instead of using the flannel fabric on the entire back side, I used a 6″ wide piece of cotton fabric the same length of the diaper folded in half and added to each end after I embroidered the design. You can find tutorials all over Pinterest for how to make these.

Speaking of Pinterest, I found the following idea when searching for ideas of items to make. I wondered why I had never thought to make these beautiful gowns before as this is another easy project. You can make these for little boys as well as girls. They are perfect for when you first bring a baby home and want easy access to diaper changes or just a cute outfit to cuddle that sweet little baby up in. You don’t have to worry about all the buttons or the feet coming out the bottom. I imagine she will be in these a lot those first few days. They were easy to make using a onesie, which I learned you can either cut off, which is what I done, or you can leave the snap end and still attach the fabric to make a cute skirt, which you can make in any length you want. The bottom can either be finished with elastic like these or put ribbon in it so you can tighten the bottom up more around the feet.

In between my sewing projects I’ve also been working on a knitting loom trying to complete a blanket. It didn’t turn out as big as I would have liked, but it will do for at least the first month or two.

In addition to all these items, I’m currently working on a crochet blanket and have sewn several receiving blankets as well. I just haven’t taken pics of those items. It’s a good thing we are sitting still right now, which allows me more time to get these projects done. Please share what crafts you do that keeps you busy.