Time with Family

We spent the first two weeks of June hanging out in my parents backyard. We fished in the pond and enjoyed some fresh bream and bass a couple of times. The second week we were there, our grandson was visiting with my parents and then we took him for a week in the RV from Florida to Tennessee. Our final weekend in Florida included a quick trip (3 hours) to Tallahassee to celebrate our granddaughters 2nd birthday.

The birthday girl!!!


Assorted pics from the party. Oscar enjoyed hanging out at the party as well. Madison is a total doll baby. She’s still not sure she likes Nana’s dog, but at least she let him get near her.

_DSC3087                _DSC3146



Madison and Colby (sister and brother)                                          

The party was on Saturday and we only stayed one night, then back to my parents for one night before pulling out on Monday bound for Tennessee. Our plan was to drive to the other side of Birmingham, spend the night and then finish our journey on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately we had a flat tire on the 5er before we made it to Birmingham. It was a real learning experience.  We don’t have roadside assistance, so the hubby had to do it himself. I was the flag girl trying to get people to move over as the flat was on the driver’s side, which put Greg too close to the road as you can only get over so far when getting off the shoulder.

The thing that surprised me the most while we sat on the side of the road for most of an hour was the lack of respect that drivers have for others, but more importantly, fellow RVers who refused to get over in the other lane of traffic when they not only had amble time to do so, but room to actually move over, but refused.  Not only did people not get over, but they wouldn’t even slow down. My plea to everyone reading this, when you see someone stopped on the side of the road, please either slow down or move over. Some people have questioned whether I expected people to actually stop and my answer is no, but I do expect people to have respect for others.  We did have three different couples stop.  The first man had a broken arm, but he still stopped and was willing to help. When we assured him we were okay, he proceeded on his trip. The next couple to stop were in a uhaul as they were in the process of moving the woman to North Carolina.  The gentleman was a lifesaver to my husband and helped us to be back on the road a lot sooner than had he not stopped. The last couple to stop was an RV couple. I did not get their name, nor state they are from, but I was happy to see them care enough to stop and check on a total stranger, as they were the only RVer to do so.

Once we were back on the road, it was way past time for lunch and soon after stopping to eat we decided to just stop for good as we were just spent by this point. On Tuesday we completed our journey to Lenoir City for the next 4 days. While there, we visited Cades Cove and Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg.




During our journey through Cades Cove, we only saw one black bear.  This was the first time our grandson had ever seen one in the wild.  An experience I think he will remember for a long time.  We also saw 7 deer and 4 turkeys. The trip to the aquarium was my favorite as I love all the sea animals and Colby is definitely a lover of the sea. My favorite was seeing the penguins. They were all tagged with their names. I could watch them play all day, but there was so much more than penguins to see, so I couldn’t stay at that exhibit forever. Instead I bought me a stuffed one to keep as a souvenir.





Our time in Tennessee ended on the 28th when we headed back to Florida, but this time to the beach on St. George Island for a week with my daughter and her family, leaving the RV behind in Tennessee. We have been on the road so much during the month of June only traveling from Tennessee to Florida and back and I’m exhausted. I’m ready to get back to the RV and our life so we can plan our trip out west starting in September.

Thanks for reading and following our travels.  Feel free to leave comments below.