Merry Christmas

Decorating for this Christmas has been a treat since we have a big house.  For the past few years we’ve only had a 3 foot tree as that was all we were able to put in the RV. Being in the sticks and bricks again, I get to spread my wings a little and do a little more decorating. I love my 7 foot tree and being able to put a star on top. I hung lights outside on the house and just really tried to get into the Christmas spirit a little more than what we have in the past.

It’s hard when there are only two of us and the children and grandchildren don’t come to visit. Instead I just send gifts, hope I get to FaceTime with them when they open them and then pray they like what they got.

I do want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from our house to yours.


Memorable Moments from 2015

March 2nd marked a year ago that we started our RV journey that would take us from Tennessee to Florida and back several times before setting down in Tallahassee back in October. During those first few months we had some very memorable moments. Some of which we have been reminiscing about these past few days, so I decided I would share those moments with all of you.

1. March 15th. We drove all the way to Mississippi to pick up our eight week old fur baby, Oscar. He was born with beautiful blue eyes (they changed as he got older) and milk chocolate fur. I don’t know what we were thinking at the time in getting a dog, a puppy none the less when we were just starting our adventure. Looking back now, I’m glad we did, because he has been a big blessing for Greg. Pets are just like children in the fact that you make whatever sacrifices you need to make them happy and healthy.


On the way home!


2. March 27th – April 10th. We were staying in Moore Haven which was about a 15- 20 minute drive from Lake Okeechobee, which meant fishing. There’s just something about being on the water, the calmness and serenity of it makes life so much easier to deal with.

We spent several days on the lake in our kayaks. I only caught one or two a day, but always caught the biggest. On what would be our last day on the water, Greg spotted an alligator about 5-6 feet from his kayak. I was probably about 15-20 feet away. He was not having any of that and we were out of that water real quick. Had we been in a boat, it wouldn’t have been as scary, but in a kayak, the last thing you want to encounter is an alligator. Plus he was not a little one, he was a BIG one. 

Anna's bass

Anna’s bass

3. June 3rd- 6th.  A few days on Lake Guntersville in Alabama will help take all your worries away. This was absolutely the best place we have stayed at. Our site was right at the water’s edge and the sunsets and sunrises were beyond amazing. We were able to fish every morning and afternoon. Our Hobie kayaks were the paddle type so you just sit back paddle with your feet and use the steering handle to maneuver all around. It was amazing. Oscar loved sunning himself, looking over the edge or enjoying time in my lap. He truly does the water. The amount of fish we caught was not enough to get excited about, but the fact that we were on the water enjoying the beauty of nature was what made our time there memorable.





4. June 24-28th. We wanted to take our oldest grandson on a summer trip. We had originally wanted to go to Louisiana, but our plans had to be rearranged so TN it was. Our drive there included a flat tire which was a memory in itself that I don’t want to relive. The memorable moment was our trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg. Our grandson loves animals, especially sea life so we thought this place would be a great destination.

Because we have to have a way to carry the kayaks we had a rack on top of the truck. The rack adds height and can be a problem when you park in a garage parking lot. I’m the guilty party doing the driving that day and not thinking I pulled into the parking garage. Luckily I found a spot on the top floor, which meant I didn’t have to drive down into the garage…for now. Thinking ahead we knew we would have to remove the rack in order to get out at the end of the day, but for now we planned to enjoy the aquarium. Once we viewed all the animals and enjoyed our visit, we headed down the strip to find lunch. Unbeknown to us the place we were headed to had closed so we had to find something else. By this time we had walked the entire strip. Now mind you my grandson is not athletic, never exercises and we are taking him way out of his comfort zone. We chose a place to eat, which was the worse place I’ve ever eaten at and the most expensive for what we ordered. The grandson wouldn’t even eat. While looking for a place to eat, we were also looking for a place that might sell a tool we could use to remove the rack, but had not spotted one, so I used my phone to search for an auto parts store.. The only thing we could find was Ace Hardware, which per the GPS was on our way back to where the truck was. So we walked and walked, but never saw ACE Hardware. I called them to confirm address, clerk confirmed and told me we were close so we kept walking. Eventually we were past where the truck was, so I called ACE again, spoke to another clerk and again was told they were just down from where we were. I guess what they didn’t understand was we were walking, not driving. After several more blocks we give up, went back to the garage we parked at and asked security for help. If only we had done that in the fist place we would have saved ourselves a lot of walking, but this memory wouldn’t have been as funny. Our grandson was so mad knowing that we could have saved all that walking and just gone back to the garage in the beginning. We thought it was funny and still laugh about it today.


5. July 9th. Having one furbaby wasn’t enough, as daddy Greg thought Oscar needed a playmate, so on this day we drove to Mississippi again, different breeder to pick up our baby girl, Harley. She is Hershey chocolate and a tubby tail now. Hard to believe considering how tiny she was the day we picked her up. It took a while for the two of them to get use to each other, but now they are inseparable.


There were many moments that were special to us, but these 5 ring out on top. We long to add to these memories and in time we will. Feel free to share a memorable moment you have had on your adventures in the comments below.

Welcome to Florida!

We arrived in Florida on the 18th. I had lined up an RV park for us to stay at hoping that we would be happy with the location and the park itself considering there are limited RV parks in Tallahassee. We could not have found a better place. I really believe this is the best place we have stayed in since we started living in the RV. Despite the sites being close together, the grounds are immaculate and I am a very big stickler for parks keeping the grass mowed and grounds kept up. Tallahassee RV Park has the best groundskeeper I have ever seen.  He is out every day doing something whether it’s mowing, raking and blowing pine straw or weed eating. I know a few parks that could take lessons on how to keep the grounds mowed and cleaned up.

Upon our arrival we got settled into our spot only to discover that our satellite would not work. It’s located on top of our fifth wheel. We noticed our neighbor had a satellite on the ground, which was almost even with ours, so we should be getting reception. After two days, we finally figured out what to change on the receiver to get reception and after talking with Direct TV we had local channels again. To say we were excited was an understatement as we were both tired of watching news out of New York and cable didn’t provide us the opportunity to use the DVR. When you live in your RV having the comforts of life is more important than if we were just camping on the weekends.

The furbabies have gotten accustomed to their new surroundings and drawing attention from everyone they encounter. They really love the warmer temperatures. Most days the temperature is in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s.

We bought a car, which will make getting around town easier and definitely make our gas bill cheaper as it only takes $25 to fill it up and it gets 37 miles per gallon as opposed to the truck that cost $60+ to fill up and only gets 7 to 14 miles per gallon depending on whether we are pulling the rig or not.  

Last Saturday I met up with my daughter to take the grandkids to the pumpkin patch. My two year old granddaughter was hilarious running through the pumpkins. She would touch them with just 1 finger on each hand and then run to the next pumpkin, laugh as she touched it and then run to the next one. She really loves being outside and totally enjoyed seeing all the pumpkins and scarecrows. However, during the past week she got real sick with a fever, cough and runny nose. Mommy took her to the doctor to discover she had an ear infection in both ears. Hopefully antibiotics will heal her up soon because when I saw her today she wasn’t doing so well.

My grandson got his report card this past week and he has greatly improved this year over previous years. It’s hard to believe that next year he will be going to middle school. They really grow up fast.

Two reasons why I'm in Florida!

Two reasons why I’m in Florida!

If any of you find yourselves in Tallahassee, Florida drop by Tallahassee RV Park and stay a while. Call first to make sure they have a site available as spaces fill up fast around here. Most days there are no vacancies, but that might change once football season is over. And if you’re not a fan of Florida State you might want to stay elsewhere until the season is over as this place is packed with NOLES fans every weekend. GO NOLES!!!!

Our Favorite Furbubies, Oscar & Harley


We like snuggling in Mommy’s Florida State blanket!!!!

We have two adorable chocolate Dachshunds. Our oldest, Oscar, we’ve had since March. He was born in January and weighs 13 lbs. He is a big boy and spoiled big time.  The baby, Harley, was born in May and we’ve had her since July.  She is a doll baby and as cute as can be at only 8 lbs.  Oscar  is very set in his ways already. He knows what he wants and does whatever he has to to get it.  Harley on the other hand is very laid back.  We got a seat cover to put in the back seat of the truck, so when we’re traveling they can just hang out and have all the room in the world to sleep and play.

Hanging in the backseat waiting to go potty!

Hanging in the backseat waiting to go potty!

Prior to getting this cover, Oscar would hang out mostly on the center console, so he could look out the front window. Harley on the other hand would be in mommy’s lap snoozing.  Now that we have the seat cover, it has been an adjustment to get Oscar to stay in the back seat.  I bought a piece of fabric that has holes, like the kind you would use to make a fruit bag or grocery bag out of and stretched it from seat to seat and hooked it in using the neck rest from the front seats. It was a good idea, but Oscar likes to jump over it, so he can get in the front seat, while Miss Harley just lays out in the back seat enjoying lazy time. I know it will take time to get Oscar use to doing something different as he doesn’t like change very well.

Oscar in his favorite spot looking out the window for daddy!

Oscar in his favorite spot looking out the window while waiting for daddy!

We messed up and put Oscar in our bed the first night we brought him home, which wasn’t bad when he was only 5 or 6 pounds, but now that he’s gotten so long and an instant heater, we were bound and determined Miss Harley would not make it in to our bed.  How has that worked for us, you ask?  Not too bad.  We started right from the beginning putting her in a small dog bed right next to our bed ON THE FLOOR and blocked it off so she couldn’t go anywhere.  She was easy to train on the potty pads as the breeder had already been using those.  So in her little spot she had her bed and potty pad.


We love our big bed!

After a couple months of this I finally bought a bigger doggy bed and made Oscar start sleeping with Harley.  The first night he wanted to fuss, but after about 15 minutes, he laid down and was fast asleep with her. Waiting for him to get use to her being around and for her to grow up some was worth the wait as now they really get along and pretty much stay right next to each other all day.  He doesn’t fuss about going to bed and now Mommy and Daddy have their bed back or at least until early morning.

The dogs usually get up between 5 and 6 am, which is too early to get up when you don’t have to go to work every day, so I take them out to potty and then they get spoiled having mommy and daddy time in our bed. They sleep for another couple hours and sometimes I have to make them get up as they are so snuggly they just want to stay there all day. Harley is getting a lot longer and even more adorable, if that’s possible.  They both let us know when they want attention. Even though they sometimes drive me crazy, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  They are my babies and I love them.  Only a real pet lover can relate to how I feel about them.

Please share information about your furbabies in the comments below as I love seeing others pets and hearing about how their life revolves around the ones they love.


Oscar enjoying his pool time!!!

Hope to see you on the road…