My Love of Flowers Never Changes

I have always loved flowers and every time I go to visit my parents I know I will have plenty of opportunity to shoot these fantastic gems. There are so many different ones to look at and I never know the names and even though I’m told what each one is, by the time I get home, I’ve already forgotten the name. Whether I know the name or not, the flowers are till beautiful and the beauty of each is worth being shared. My favorite on this trip were the gladiolus, which my Mother has been growing since I was a child. I never get tired of these.



No idea what these are called, but there pretty.

This is called a shrimp plant.  

One of the other things that I love when I go home is a special cat that’s been around for many years. She is part siamese and as always been one of my favorites.



My love for flowers

When I was a kid, I remember the yard always being immaculate as my dad mowed and trimmed weekly and it always looked so manicured. My mom loved flowers, so there was always some type of flowers planted all the time, blooming at just the right time. I remember loving the gladiolas. She would cut them and bring them into the house and put them in a vase so we could admire them for several days.

Somehow her love for these things wore off on me and I became a lover of flowers as well. The only thing is I didn’t have as green of a thumb growing them as my mother did. Usually whatever I planted died when it came to flowers. However, when I plant a garden, now that’s another story. There I can shine and get some wonderful veggies out of the process.

Since we had a sticks and bricks house this spring, it was time to plant some flowers and improve on the landscape. I planted tulips, which after the fact I wondered why as they only bloom once and then you must plant something else. That’s okay though, I enjoyed them while they were there and received lots of compliments from the neighbors.Remove featured image

One of my favorites other than roses is hibiscus. I ended up planting two of those. Unfortunately, the ground was never very receptive to these, so they died in about a week, but I was determined not to give up, so I bought two five-gallon buckets and buried them in the ground leaving only about an inch sticking out of the ground, filled with potting soil and planted two new hibiscus. Those things bloomed over and over until the deer started using our yard as a pass through and decided they needed to be eaten.

4 of My Most Inspiring Flower Pics

Flowers provide a beauty like landscapes and are something I love to shoot.  These flowers were part of my valentine bouquet.  By photographing the beauties I receive, I get to have memories of special moments in my life.  





What memories do you like to share?