Fishing on Old Hickory Lake

When I moved to the Nashville area 11 years ago one of the main places I wanted to visit and spend time on was Old Hickory Lake. Unfortunately until today I had only spent 1 or 2 days there after all these years of being in the area.

My husband got a new boat a few days ago and I finally talked him into taking me on Old Hickory Lake. It was so much more than what I remembered as a child when I visited my relatives here one summer.

We went out on the water a couple days in a row and I caught over a dozen brim. I only brought home about 10 of them, but it was great being able to fish, relax and enjoy myself.

Below are a few photos from our days on the water. Looking forward to spring when I can be on the lake much more.



Fishing on Lake Okeechobee

We’ve been in Moore Haven, FL for the past two weeks staying at M RV Resort. The resort is very big and has lots of sites. There were several snowbirds here when we arrived back on the 27th, but since the first of April we have seen several RVs head home. The place is starting to look bare now. 

On the drive to Moore Haven from our last stop we saw a lot of orange groves as we got further south.

One of many orange groves we saw on the drive down south.

We spent several days under the weather, so we didn’t get to explore as much as we would have liked. In addition, the new fur baby has still not learned how to stay by himself, so unless we want to leave him in doggy daycare, we have to plan outings that include him. He likes to go out in the kayaks as much as we do. He sleeps in his crate shaded from the sun and enjoys the ride while mommy fishes. We spent a couple of days out on Lake Okeechobee. We didn’t have much luck in catching a lot of fish, I only caught one each day we went out.

Anna’s bass caught the second day out

On the days we were on Lake Okeechobee I took a few pics of the birds and views while on the lake.

Peaceful view

Another peaceful view

We drove down to Bonita Springs to Lovers Key State Park to do a bike ride. We done the trail that takes you along the water, but the only thing we saw was the people who were kayaking. I’m not into photographing trees, so it really wasn’t what I was looking for.

We are crossing the state to head up the eastern coast line with our next stop in Ft. Pierce for five days and then to Titusville for seven days after that. Both places are supposed to be on the water, but since we’ve never stayed at either we’ll have to wait till we get there to see what we’re really getting ourselves into.