Six Month Update Full-timing in an RV

It’s hard to believe we’ve been living in the fifth wheel for six months now. When we sold our house so quickly after putting it on the market it didn’t make sense to rent something until we were ready to drive to destinations unknown, so we moved right in and life took on a different meaning. Most importantly, it provided us a chance to get use to our smaller living quarters before actually hitting the road. I keep telling family we have all the space we need and for the most part we do, but I sure wish we had more storage especially now that I’ve started sewing again.

On March 2nd we left Nashville not really knowing what was ahead for us. We had a tentative schedule of where we wanted to be and when, but one of the luxuries of this lifestyle is that we can change our mind and we do so, often. It didn’t take long for my husband to figure out how many hours per day he wanted to be on the road, so I adapted and found places to stay in between some of our planned stops. The majority of our time has been spent traveling between Tennessee and Florida and doesn’t look to be changing in the foreseeable future, as we have decided to put down stakes for a couple of months at least, back in Tennessee. We are by no means giving up on traveling; we just need to take care of a few things before we can jump back into full-time travel.

Once we are back on the road we hope to head west instead of south. I love my family and will miss seeing them in Florida, but I won’t miss Florida itself. This girl needs to see the rest of this beautiful country that I see so many fellow RVers bragging about. Until then we will bunker down about an hour south of Nashville.

In our travels so far we have stayed inland, at the beach and on a couple of lakes. My favorite place to date has to be when we stayed on Lake Guntersville. Even though we didn’t catch as many fish as we would have liked, it was just the enjoyment of being on the water and just relaxing.

Any time we get the chance to break in our kayaks more, we jump on it. This past week we were able to use them at my parents in the pond at their home. My dad likes to clean the grass out that floats on top of the water, but he can’t reach what’s in the middle, of the pond, so I used it as an excuse to exercise my legs and have a chance to play in the water. Unfortunately when my husband took over, he had the dog on board and they ended up flipping over. Neither were hurt and we discovered our little pooch can swim and he loved it. We have fished several days while here and caught some really nice bream, which were delicious, and 4 bass.

Tennessee has some good lakes and rivers and while we regroup over the next couple months, we hope to be kayaking in several of them hoping we have some good luck.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment as to good places to fish, in other areas of the country, so we can add them to our bucket list.


How We Spent Our Time on Lake Guntersville

We just spent three of the best days on Lake Guntersville.  I found this place by luck searching for lakes in Alabama and wish I had gone there long before now. The place is called Honeycomb Campground and is a national park run by Recreation Resource Management. Our site was right on the waterfront. We fished on the lake every morning and evening and had the most wonderful time. Although we didn’t catch as many fish as we would have liked, we still enjoyed our time on the water. We fish in our kayaks and take our little doggy with us. As you can see from the photos below he was content whether he was in front of me looking over the sides for fish or laying on the back cooling it in the breeze.  The peacefulness while peddling through the water was totally awesome.  I could have stayed on the water all day long doing nothing but floating around.  The sunrise and sunsets were so gorgeous. It makes me appreciate God’s beauty when I see things like this.

Sunrise on the 5th

Sunrise on the 3rd

Sunrise on the 5th

The dock viewable from our front yard.

Packed up to leave on the 6th. You can see how close we were to the water.  We could put our kayaks in the water right at our site.

We are headed back to Florida to visit with family, attend our granddaughters 2nd birthday, and then take our oldest grandson on a trip to Tennessee before ending our time in Florida with a beach trip with my daughter and her family before heading out west in mid-July.

Hope to see you all on the road! 

Living With Pets in the RV

Right before we hit the road in March we decided to add a pet to our life.  At the time it sounded like a really good idea, but now I’m not so sure and need some help and advice.  When we brought him home he was only 8 weeks old. He weighed just over 4 lbs, had blue eyes and was totally adorable.

Enjoying his ride home on the day we picked him up.

On the first night he ended up in our bed. Yes you read that right….in our bed.  I know from past experience that is NOT a good idea, but the alternative was to hear him cry all night and my sweet husband was not having that, so Oscar got to sleep with us that night and just about every night since.  He sleeps at the foot of the bed and for the first several weeks he got up at least once in the night, sometimes twice for a potty break.  Lucky for me that has changed over the past couple weeks and he usually sleeps till at least 6:00 am.

As for sleeping, he does that a lot….               And he looks so cute doing it.  I mean really who can resist this adorable face? The pic below was taken one day while we were loading up to pull out of a campsite and he was looking at me with such a sad look.

We thought we had bought a mini, but after his most recent visit to the vet, I don’t think he’s a mini.  He has more than doubled his weight from when we brought him home weighing in at 10.8 lbs today.  The following pic is the most recent I have.  He looks so long spread out in my lap, which is his favorite thing to do, other than laying in daddy’s lap.

Other than a couple of times that we dropped him off at doggy daycare, he pretty much goes wherever we go.  I’m beginning to think we will never begin to fully enjoy the RV lifestyle and actually be able to venture out to see the sites in the areas we visit, which brings me to my question for all of you readers. What do you do with your pets when you want to get out and explore?  Is it better to have two pets, so they have a playmate?  Are you RVing with puppies or adult dogs?  If you started out with one as a puppy, when did it get easier?

Thanks in advance for your advice.