Happy 5th Birthday, Harley

Today we celebrated the 5th birthday of our baby girl, Harley. It’s hard to believe that 5 years have come and gone as time seems to be moving really fast. She is a doll baby and so easy. She likes everything you give her to eat whether it’s dog food or human good. Her daddy likes to feed her stuff she shouldn’t have, which shows in how big she is. Her last vet appointment 5-6 months ago she weighed 28 pounds. 

She loves the ride in the vehicle as long as she’s in the back seat. She sleeps the entire time until we stop and then she’s up looking for food. Her brother loves to play with a ball and chases it all the time, but she will have nothing to do with it. Her favorite activity is to sleep, which she does really well.

These are not the best photos,but they will have to do. The last one is of her brother, Oscar, who also got his own cupcake. They both have to share on their birthdays.

I love my birthday pupcakes!

It doesn’t take long to flip it over to the good stuff.

Not a big fan of the icing.

That was delicious. Can I have some more?

I shared with my brother because he always shares with me!

Happy 4th Birthday, Harley

I can’t believe I have two four-year-old babies. Okay their dogs, but their still babies or at least they’re my babies. Harley has such a different personality than Oscar. She is the laid back, don’t give a shit, sleep all day, don’t have a care in the world type of dog. Her main ambition in life is to see how much sleep she can get in a day and snore, oh my god, you should hear this dog snore. She sounds like a freight train sometimes. And eat, oh can she eat. She stills food from Oscar every chance she gets.

Today is her day and she gets a special birthday cupcake. I bought plenty so that Oscar could have one to as we can’t leave him out. Besides he shared on his birthday with her back in January, so it is only right for her to share with him. He shares his food with her too. There’s a mixture in their food and theirs one kernel that looks like rat poop that he leaves all over the floor for her to come back and gobble up, which she does regularly.

Harley has had a lot of health issues since we moved into our house. I think it’s the grass because she has never had this issue before, and we have lived and stayed in many places since she came into our lives. She breaks out on her belly and underarms with a bad red rash. I know it must hurt. We have been to the vet many times. Finally, on our last visit we found something that will work. They prescribed her Apoquel. It’s expensive but is doing the trick.

She enjoyed her cupcake and new toys today. I got lots of kisses and hugs of appreciation for making her day special.

Happy 4th Birthday, Oscar

I can’t believe my little man is 4 years old today. He brightens my day every day. It’s hard to believe how much a dog can impact someone’s life, but this little man has definitely impacted mine. I love his sweet kisses and the way he snuggles up to me in bed. He keeps me warm and watches over me. Although he is small in stature, he is still my protector. He will stand watch while I go to the bathroom and beg for me to play with him. His favorite toy is a blue ball that he wants you to throw so he can go fetch. While fetching he will take another toy with him and leave it where the ball landed. It looks like a tornado has gone through our house sometimes with all his toys all over the place. He has provided more love and comfort in his first four years than I ever thought possible.

Today as we celebrate his birthday, which he got to eat a cupcake or two which he shared with his sister because she will not be left out when it comes to food. We asked the little boy who lives next door, Max, if he wanted to come over for cupcakes and help celebrate because he loves to play with the dogs.  He brought him a little dog toy that only lasted about 30 minutes because it was one of those rubber squeaky things and he had it demolished in no time. For such a little dog, he can destroy more toys than you would think.

Happy Birthday little man….hope we have many more years together!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Harley

Happy Birthday, Harley!!!! Decided to try the pup cake from PetSmart again, plus they are just down the road so it was convenient as well.

This girl is growing so much and has the sweetest personality. She is very laid back, rides in the car like a dream and will eat anything you feed her. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Oscar

Today is this little mans 3rd birthday. Wow time is flying as it’s hard to believe we have had him for three years now. Well actually it won’t be until March before we have had him for three years but his birthday is today! He always has this tendency to lick his lips before he gets to dive into his treat. Today he got what is sister got last year. I try to change it up when I can, but it all depends on what type of dog store is nearby in whatever town we might be in.

Oscar has never celebrated is birthday in the same location. We are currently in Nashville, TN staying at Safe Harbor RV Park off I-40, Exit 219.

Happy Birthday little man!