Happy 6th Birthday, Oscar

Happy Birthday to my little fur baby! I don’t know about any of you, but my furbabies mean the world to me. They are just like my children and my life would be totally different without them in it. Today we celebrated Oscar’s 6th birthday. He had a vet appointment on the sixteenth to get his twelve month heartworm shot and he had gained 2 pounds since he was at the vet six months ago. He hasn’t gained any weight in quite some time and I was surprised by this gain as he if a lot more active than Harley and doesn’t pig out as much as she does. Regardless we will keep an eye on him and try to get him back down to an even 20 lbs.

I usually buy them cupcakes as they only get this treatment once a year. He always shares with his sister and she in turn will share with him come May when it’s her birthday. Again he wasn’t too impressed with the icing, but he did eat some of it. As for the cake itself, he loved it.

He cleaned up all the crumbs!

Sharing with sissy girl (aka Harley).

He picked out his favorite toy and had its arms removed by the end of the night and I’m sure the stuffing will be gone before the next day is over as he is rough on toys.

Not sure if he’s licking his lips because his cupcakes were so good or at the thought of tearing his toy to pieces….lol!

All in all he had a great birthday party and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him.

Happy 5th Birthday, Oscar

I can’t believe my little furbaby is 5 years old today. It seems like only yesterday that we brought him home. He is such a comfort to both myself and my husband. In addition to celebrating his birthday today, we made a trip to the vet for his six-month heart worm prevention which turned into a twelve month injection. Proheart recently came out with a twelve month injection so we are trying it and hoping for the best. He didn’t have any issues aft er the shot. 

In addition, I asked the doctor about getting something to calm him down when we’re traveling as he is always off the wall in the vehicle. Our other weenie just chills out and sleeps unless she knows there’s food in the truck. The doctor give us Trazodone. I din’t give him any on the trip to Knoxville as I didn’t want to mix that with his injection he had just got. He ended up doing a lot better on this trip, but at least we will be prepared for the future.

I bought cupcakes for him and his sister as a special treat and although he loved the cake part, he wasn’t too impressed with the icing, which was fine with me as I didn’t really wanting him to eat all that sugar.

Checking out my pupcake, Ocsar!

Sharing with my sister, Harley!