We Bought a Stick House

We closed today on our sticks and bricks house, which meant having to put our beautiful fifth wheel in storage. We have enjoyed all of our travels and have loved living in a tiny space. Ever since I went back to work, we kept talking about going into a house so we could have more room and give the dogs a yard to play in. After lots and going back and forth and trying to figure out what to do, we decided this was the right thing to do at the time.

We found a house in Clarksville close to the army base about an hour and a half north of Nashville. Depending on traffic it will take me anywhere from an hour to two hours to get to work each way, but I will just have to get use to the drive. Seems like everywhere I ever lived i always had to drive a great distance as I’m not a city girl. I like living in the country so I can enjoy the peace and quiet, have animals and not so many neighbors. They only thing wrong with that statement is we have neighbors, a little too close for my comfort.

Because we have been living in the RV for 3 years and sold all of our furniture when we went full-time we have to buy all new furniture. Not looking forward to that task, but we’ll see how things pan out as we go along. Wish us luck as we take on this new adventure. Our plan is to live here for 2-3 years and then maybe rent while we go back on the road.