A Day on Mexico Beach, Florida

We moved to Mexico Beach, FL on Monday.  On Tuesday, we decided to drive out to Cape San Blas, which is in Gulf County so we could take our fur baby on the beach.  Bay county will not let you have pets on the beach.  In addition, we wanted to check out T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park to see if what I’ve been reading about this park matches up. The views of the water from the park was breathtaking. We couldn’t take fur baby on the beach in the state park, but we were able to stop in Cape San Blas and let Oscar put his toes in the sand.

Beautiful view while driving through the state park.

Love the sailboats anchored in the state park.

Sailboats up close in very calm waters.

A shell from our walk as well as a bird.

The gorgeous beach

Our fur baby!!!