Our First Week at Full-Time RVing

The weather has not been what we had hoped in Florida.  We have had rain and/or windy conditions just about every day since arriving at my parents.  On Tuesday (3rd) when we arrived we were able to set up with no rain, but discovered that our awning, carbon monoxide detector and overhead lights in bedroom were not working.  Luckily it was only a blown fuse. On Wednesday (4th) the temps were on the cool side, so a day at the beach was put on hold.  We did drive over to Blackwater River State Park to see what the campgrounds looked like and the park itself.  Because this is the area I grew up in, I spent time showing Greg around town. On Thursday (5th) we didn’t leave the RV.  Greg cooked steaks and we invited my dad over to eat with us.  It was nice having time with him.  My mom had been in Louisiana for almost two weeks and we weren’t expecting her till Monday, but got a surprise on Thursday evening when she knocked on our door.

On Friday (6th) regardless of cool temps and a very windy day, we decided to drive out to the beach anyway.  We had wanted to check out a place that sales kayaks and since we were that far out, we drove on to Ft. Pickens.  It was an excuse to check out the campgrounds and look around a little.  The campgrounds would definitely be a place to stay at when the temps are good for beach going.

The Pensacola Bay Bridge that takes your from the downtown Pensacola to Gulf Breeze.  The bridge is 3 miles long and was originally opened to traffic in 1960.

I remember visiting Fort Pickens when I was a child, but had forgotten the significance of this place.  According to the National Park Service website, Fort Pickens is the largest of four forts built to defend Pensacola Bay, Florida, and its navy yard. The fort was begun in 1829, completed in 1834, and was named in honor of Major General Andrew Pickens of the South Carolina militia. Fort Pickens was one of only four forts in the South that was never occupied by Confederate forces during the Civil War.

Ten concrete gun batteries (shown below), including one in the middle of the historic fort, were built from the 1890s through the 1940s, each a response to a particular threat. The fort became part of a popular Florida State Park until the creation of Gulf Islands National Seashore in 1971. Following extensive repairs by the National Park Service, the fort was reopened in 1976.



After our visit to Fort Pickens, we had a late lunch at Hooters and then headed for the best seafood you can find, Joe Patti Seafood www.joepattis.com .

Joe Patti’s has been around for over 75 years having started in the early 1930’s by Joe and Anna Patti and is located on Pensacola Bay.  If you are ever in Pensacola, make this place a must to stop at.  It will be one stop you won’t regret.

 Views around Joe Patti’s Seafood.


I had come up with the bright idea of installing a 50 amp plug at my parents so we could run the A/C as currently we were plugged into power, but not enough power for everything. Let’s just say I will not be thinking of any bright ideas in the future.  We ended up blowing the automatic transfer switch, which in the process fried our microwave.  One of the main reasons we had decided to stay at my parents was to save money on camping fees, but instead of saving any money, it ended up costing us more than I care to disclose.  All this happened on Saturday, so generator power it is until we get a repairman out.

On Saturday (7th), my oldest daughter and family arrived around 11 am.  It was great to see them and we had fun hanging out.  We ladies went shopping and while we were away was when the RV went on the blitz.  My sweet husband waited till I got home to share the news instead of telling me on the phone.  So generator power it was, which was great that it still worked, so we didn’t have to lose everything in our refrigerator.  However, it made for a few rough days.  With it being the weekend, we couldn’t find anyone to come out to see what was wrong. I took to one of my Facebook groups to seek advice as to what people might think was wrong.  With their suggestions in mind, Greg looked at the automatic transfer switch and sure enough the shore power side was fried. However, to end the day, we had a wonderful seafood feast for dinner including shrimp, oysters, and fish.  We ate so much I thought we would all be sick, but it was so worth it as the food was great.

On Sunday (8th), the kids left around noon and we just hung out at home for the most part.  In the evening we decided to switch out the microwave since we knew it was a goner. I hate installing microwaves, but we succeeded and it was installed.  Can’t wait for Monday and hopefully a repairman can fix the RV and we can move on.

I have decided boondocking is not for me if it means no A/C or power when I want, how I want.  The past few days have been miserable.  We couldn’t get a repair man out until today (10th), but we now have full power going and it feels fantastic.  Yesterday we pretty much hung out at the house except for going to the RV store to get a surge protector so once we get the transfer switch fixed hopefully we won’t fry anymore appliances if the power is not hooked up correctly.  Now we’re planning for our next destination.  We plan on leaving here on Wednesday and heading towards some water.  Hopefully we will have more sunny days than cloudy and we can get out and explore the stuff we want to see.

 Hope to see you on the road…