Black-eyed Peas on New Years

Growing up New Years day always had a tradition of Momma cooking black-eyed peas, cornbread and fried chicken. The black-eyed peas were a must and she always put a dime in them and whoever got the dime was said to have good luck throughout the year. I don’t know that any of us that got the dime had better luck than the rest of the family, but it made for some fun for the day to see who would get it.

When I had kids and a family of my own I kept that tradition alive for many, many years, but since moving to Tennessee and my life taking on such a big change in the last 11 years, most of my “traditions” were left behind in Florida as I have not held to those traditions in a very long time. Sometimes when we leave the area we grew up in, around all the familiar things in life, we tend to start our own “traditions” or try to forget the past. Some of those things we try to forget are good, but most times those traditions are what got us through our childhood and early adult life. I miss some of those old traditions especially the ones that involved my grandparents.

Yesterday was a day to bring back one of those traditions as I try to make 2021 a year that I go back to my past and do the things that used to bring me joy and happiness as I need that more than ever right now with all that is going on in the world and my personal life. I cooked up a big crockpot full of black-eyed peas and added the ham hock that was left from Thanksgiving that I had kept in the freezer until a few days ago. I also baked a pan of cornbread and some fried chicken. However, the fried chicken was cooked in the air fryer instead of in a bunch of grease. It was still just as good, but a lot more healthier.

I hope 2021 brings you and your family lots of love, peace and joy.