Happy 6th Birthday, Oscar

Happy Birthday to my little fur baby! I don’t know about any of you, but my furbabies mean the world to me. They are just like my children and my life would be totally different without them in it. Today we celebrated Oscar’s 6th birthday. He had a vet appointment on the sixteenth to get his twelve month heartworm shot and he had gained 2 pounds since he was at the vet six months ago. He hasn’t gained any weight in quite some time and I was surprised by this gain as he if a lot more active than Harley and doesn’t pig out as much as she does. Regardless we will keep an eye on him and try to get him back down to an even 20 lbs.

I usually buy them cupcakes as they only get this treatment once a year. He always shares with his sister and she in turn will share with him come May when it’s her birthday. Again he wasn’t too impressed with the icing, but he did eat some of it. As for the cake itself, he loved it.

He cleaned up all the crumbs!

Sharing with sissy girl (aka Harley).

He picked out his favorite toy and had its arms removed by the end of the night and I’m sure the stuffing will be gone before the next day is over as he is rough on toys.

Not sure if he’s licking his lips because his cupcakes were so good or at the thought of tearing his toy to pieces….lol!

All in all he had a great birthday party and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him.

Happy 5th Birthday, Harley

Today we celebrated the 5th birthday of our baby girl, Harley. It’s hard to believe that 5 years have come and gone as time seems to be moving really fast. She is a doll baby and so easy. She likes everything you give her to eat whether it’s dog food or human good. Her daddy likes to feed her stuff she shouldn’t have, which shows in how big she is. Her last vet appointment 5-6 months ago she weighed 28 pounds. 

She loves the ride in the vehicle as long as she’s in the back seat. She sleeps the entire time until we stop and then she’s up looking for food. Her brother loves to play with a ball and chases it all the time, but she will have nothing to do with it. Her favorite activity is to sleep, which she does really well.

These are not the best photos,but they will have to do. The last one is of her brother, Oscar, who also got his own cupcake. They both have to share on their birthdays.

I love my birthday pupcakes!

It doesn’t take long to flip it over to the good stuff.

Not a big fan of the icing.

That was delicious. Can I have some more?

I shared with my brother because he always shares with me!

My Birthday Weekend

Today is my 53rd birthday. Sometimes I feel like I’m seventy, but I’m grateful for another day to explore this beautiful country that I call home. This past Saturday was my day to celebrate since I would have to work on my actual birthday. My husband and I had decided to take a drive out to Land Between the Lakes (LBTW), but before we headed there we stopped off at Red Lobster and had a late lunch. I had the crab legs and lobster, which was delicious, and he had fish and chips. He also gave me my birthday present, which this year amounted to cash. Fabric store here I come.

LBTW is located on the Tennessee/Kentucky line and we chose to go there to see if we could spot any Elk in the Bison and Elk Prairie. We have been several times before and have never once seen any elk, but have seen lots of bison and turkey. All our visits before were always during the middle of the day, but this time we purposely waiting until closer to dusk.

Today was a GREAT DAY as we seen so many elk that I couldn’t keep count. The admission into the prairie is $5.00 per vehicle and then the road is paved all the way around, so you just follow it around. There are a couple of look out spots that you can stop at, but always remember these animals are still wild, so please be careful and not approach too close. They recommend that you stay within 10 feet of your vehicle.

As soon as we drove in, we knew there had to be something up ahead as all the cars before us had stopped. As we got closer, we could see an elk on the left and then another. We stopped and watched for quite some time. One cut across the road to the right, which made it better for me because I could photograph right from the window and not have to venture out from the safety of my seat.


We continued around and came to a huge assortment of not just bulls, but cows (females) and a few babies along with some bison as well.  The pic below shows the assortment. We stopped every few feet so I could get some close-up shots; however, with my 600mm lens I could zoom in on just about any of them.

As we traveled on around, we saw a few more along with some turkeys who had taken roost in the trees already as it was getting close to sundown. As we neared the end of the road we were able to swing back through for another look as number 181, that I had gotten when we first came in, had now walked further in and was coming out of the clearing on the other side, but not far enough out in the open to really see him, so we drove around again to give him time to wander on out. I was able to shoot a few more of the bulls along the way and as we came around the last bend, sure enough, number 181 was out in the open field. He was so immaculate and posed several times for me to get some good shots.

All in all, our day could not have been more perfect. I appreciate Greg for entertaining all my ideas and taking time to chauffeur me around to see all the animals as well as the covered bridges, lighthouses, and waterfalls that I enjoy photographing. Our next outing will be to see some waterfalls.

Happy 5th Birthday, Oscar

I can’t believe my little furbaby is 5 years old today. It seems like only yesterday that we brought him home. He is such a comfort to both myself and my husband. In addition to celebrating his birthday today, we made a trip to the vet for his six-month heart worm prevention which turned into a twelve month injection. Proheart recently came out with a twelve month injection so we are trying it and hoping for the best. He didn’t have any issues aft er the shot. 

In addition, I asked the doctor about getting something to calm him down when we’re traveling as he is always off the wall in the vehicle. Our other weenie just chills out and sleeps unless she knows there’s food in the truck. The doctor give us Trazodone. I din’t give him any on the trip to Knoxville as I didn’t want to mix that with his injection he had just got. He ended up doing a lot better on this trip, but at least we will be prepared for the future.

I bought cupcakes for him and his sister as a special treat and although he loved the cake part, he wasn’t too impressed with the icing, which was fine with me as I didn’t really wanting him to eat all that sugar.

Checking out my pupcake, Ocsar!

Sharing with my sister, Harley!

Trip to Florida for a birthday

Took a couple days off to make a trip to Florida to see my grandbabies. We were all coming together to celebrate Madison’s sixth birthday. I can’t believe how fast these kids are growing up. The trip was uneventful for the most part.

We decided to stay in a cabin on the lake in a campground that we stayed in when we lived in Tallahassee a couple years ago because my husband wanted to take the boat so he could do some fishing while I was visiting with the kids. I think he took the boat out of the slip one time and that was it. The weather was hot and humid. The cabin had the worse bed I have ever slept on and was only a full-size and we are used to sleeping on a king. There was not enough room for one of us much less all four (the dogs sleep with us). He slept on the couch one night and his chair the next and I slept on the bed one night and the couch the next. After that we decided we had had enough and left a day earlier than we had planned.

The trip wasn’t a total bust as I got to see four grandbabies and my daughters, plus my Mom. I can’t believe Madi is getting so big. Courtney had rented a bouncy house and water slide combo thing and the kids loved it. It was the perfect way to keep them cool. We played corn hole for the first time. She had a pinata filled with candy that the kids loved. She got way more stuff than she needed, but don’t most kids? The kids had treat bags, food, cake and so much fun which made everything else small in comparison.

All in all, it was a great trip and I enjoyed my time seeing everybody. Not sure when I will make it back to Florida as the next trip needs to be to Louisiana. Speaking of Louisiana, Jackson’s birthday was going to be the next month, so I took his presents with me and let him have an early birthday. That’s one thing about kids, they don’t care when they open presents as long as they get them.