Here Comes the Bride


Today was the day I married my best friend.  After having lost so much six years ago, I never dreamed that I would find another man that would love me for me and be the rock and strength that I needed. I had been in a relationship for two years that was going nowhere and out of nowhere Greg came into my life.

He knew from the moment he met me that he wanted to marry me, but I wasn’t so sure. I played hard to get and even told him I wanted nothing to do with him the first week after we met. But he didn’t give up, he was persistent, and his persistence paid off.

We had met right around Thanksgiving 2013 and by Christmas he had moved in with me. At first we were just going to live together, but after several conversations on the topic we decided we would get married. We went shopping for an engagement ring on the 1st of January, which was right before we were leaving for Santa Monica. I wanted something simple as I’m just a simple girl, but he insisted on buying the big bling. He wanted to get it before the trip so I took the size they had in stock and once we were married and the wrap was added, it made it fit perfectly.

I expected him to wait to “officially” propose in Santa Monica out on the beach, but I was disappointed when he picked up the ring the day before we left town and pretty much just handed it to me when he got home. All for being romantic….lol!


Today could not have turned out any better. We chose a small chapel in Nashville, The Wedding Chapel, to get married in and the only guest were us and the photographer. The chapel provided the minister and music so all we had to do was show up. We didn’t want guests and receptions and all that, instead we wanted it to be an intimate moment just for the two of us. This more than made up for the proposal.

Our photographer, JB Photography, done a great job and even went out to Ellington Agricultural Center and took some outdoor shots after the ceremony. Having the photos of our special day means more than anything as those memories are always there for us to look back on and appreciate the obstacles we overcame to get to this day.


One of my favorite photographs of the day is the featured imaged at the top. I love seeing Greg smiling and happy. It truly was one of the best days of our life.

Below are some other favorites.

Our formal pic of the day.

I love the way he looks at me. It’s like I’m the only person that matters to him.

Another one where he’s looking at me with all the love a man can have for his wife.

I love you, Greg! Thank you for marrying me!

The rings!

Because we met online, we are two less fish in the sea!