How to Make Fabric Bins

I’ve been wanting to make some bins to store items in my kitchen for quiet some time. I had the perfect spot where I could put four bins-5 1/2 inch square, finished size. I found the perfect fabric at Joann’s, where I purchased one yard of my chosen fabric and one yard of lining fabric in a contrast color. Since I was using these bins in the kitchen, I chose a pattern that would compliment the location. With a yard of each fabric, I would be able to make four.


My chosen fabric


My lining fabric

Part of making these bins included embroidering one side, so I could use my new birthday present, a Brother SE400 model Embroidery & Sewing machine. 

To get started, for each bin I wanted to make, I cut a 15 inch square from my chosen fabric, the lining and fabric stabilizer. I had previously bought some stabilizer to use on another project that never got made, so I used the stabilizer I had for this project. 

Once I had all the 15 inch squares cut out, which I done using a quilt cutting mat and rotary blade, I cut a 4 1/2 inch square out from each corner. Once done, the fabric looked like a big plus sign.


4 1/2 inch square used to cut out corners


Fabric after each corner is cut out

If you plan on monogramming your bins, you should do that before assembling. I attached my fabric to my hoop and monogrammed each piece of fabric with the desired wording.


Monogrammed piece

Once I had my fabric cut, it was time to assemble them. This is done by sewing the sides together where you cut the 4 1/2 inch square out. You will do this for both the fabric and lining pieces. Make sure you add the stabilizer to the lining before you sew the sides together.


Sewing sides together

Once the sides are done for both the fabric and the lining, you are ready to put the two pieces together. Place one piece inside the other, right sides together and sew around the top leaving a space open to turn right side out. Press. Top stitch all the way around the top closing up the space you left open to turn.


Top stitch around top of each bin

That’s all there is to it. Here are my finished bins. I done one for coffee, cocoa, meds and misc. They fit perfectly on my counter top in the bread box area, which I never use for bread.

Coffe and Cocoa

Coffee and Cocoa

Meds and Misc.

Meds and Misc. 

I’m beyond pleased with how these turned out. Total time to make was roughly two hours for all four. Once I got the first one done, the rest were a breeze to do. I can’t wait to make more for other areas of the house.