Welcome to Florida!

We arrived in Florida on the 18th. I had lined up an RV park for us to stay at hoping that we would be happy with the location and the park itself considering there are limited RV parks in Tallahassee. We could not have found a better place. I really believe this is the best place we have stayed in since we started living in the RV. Despite the sites being close together, the grounds are immaculate and I am a very big stickler for parks keeping the grass mowed and grounds kept up. Tallahassee RV Park has the best groundskeeper I have ever seen.  He is out every day doing something whether it’s mowing, raking and blowing pine straw or weed eating. I know a few parks that could take lessons on how to keep the grounds mowed and cleaned up.

Upon our arrival we got settled into our spot only to discover that our satellite would not work. It’s located on top of our fifth wheel. We noticed our neighbor had a satellite on the ground, which was almost even with ours, so we should be getting reception. After two days, we finally figured out what to change on the receiver to get reception and after talking with Direct TV we had local channels again. To say we were excited was an understatement as we were both tired of watching news out of New York and cable didn’t provide us the opportunity to use the DVR. When you live in your RV having the comforts of life is more important than if we were just camping on the weekends.

The furbabies have gotten accustomed to their new surroundings and drawing attention from everyone they encounter. They really love the warmer temperatures. Most days the temperature is in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s.

We bought a car, which will make getting around town easier and definitely make our gas bill cheaper as it only takes $25 to fill it up and it gets 37 miles per gallon as opposed to the truck that cost $60+ to fill up and only gets 7 to 14 miles per gallon depending on whether we are pulling the rig or not.  

Last Saturday I met up with my daughter to take the grandkids to the pumpkin patch. My two year old granddaughter was hilarious running through the pumpkins. She would touch them with just 1 finger on each hand and then run to the next pumpkin, laugh as she touched it and then run to the next one. She really loves being outside and totally enjoyed seeing all the pumpkins and scarecrows. However, during the past week she got real sick with a fever, cough and runny nose. Mommy took her to the doctor to discover she had an ear infection in both ears. Hopefully antibiotics will heal her up soon because when I saw her today she wasn’t doing so well.

My grandson got his report card this past week and he has greatly improved this year over previous years. It’s hard to believe that next year he will be going to middle school. They really grow up fast.

Two reasons why I'm in Florida!

Two reasons why I’m in Florida!

If any of you find yourselves in Tallahassee, Florida drop by Tallahassee RV Park and stay a while. Call first to make sure they have a site available as spaces fill up fast around here. Most days there are no vacancies, but that might change once football season is over. And if you’re not a fan of Florida State you might want to stay elsewhere until the season is over as this place is packed with NOLES fans every weekend. GO NOLES!!!!