Our Last Week in Florida

We spent the last five days in Ft.  Pierce, Florida at Savannas Campground. My review can be found here. We got to see something neither of us had ever seen before and that was an alligator attempting to cross the highway. We were coming around a corner and there he was. His body up to his front legs was on the road. We stopped, I tried to get the camera out, but he was too quick and backed up into the water in the ditch that I can only assume he had just come out of. There was lots of water at the campgrounds we were at so he was probably crossing over to get in the big ponds. On the morning we were trying to break down there was a black snake at the water and electric hookup. To me the only good snake is a dead one.

Alligator head we saw on the day we left.

He didn’t like having his picture made. You can see just the end of his snout as he was lowering into the water.

While in Ft. Pierce we drove to Juniper Beach to the lighthouse and to Palm Beach to go to the zoo. The zoo was a disappointment. It’s another sanctuary for wounded and /or abused animals. Now don’t get me wrong I understand these animals need to be saved, but I prefer to go to zoos where they have regular zoo animals. Next zoo adventure will be investigated more and reviews looked at more heavily before making a decision to visit. Price wise we made out real well as they let the hubby in free for being military and I got in for half price.

Juniper Inlet Lighthouse

Furbaby got to spend the day at doggy daycare and he had a blast. All the staff adored him and he got lots of activity from being around other dogs. We want him to be well socialized so he will get to have one day a week at daycare if we can find one nearby. He was wiped out from his day though and spent most of the evening sleeping.

The property at Savannas Campground

The property at Savannas Campground

Next up we are headed back to Tennessee for the next month or so as we have business to deal with and hopefully much-needed time with family.

Hope to see you on the road…