Our Full-time Life in the RV

Never a dull moment!

Read about our travels in 2015 and 2016 when we embarked on a couple adventuresome trips that took us to places we had only dreamed about. I also share about what life is like living in the RV full-time while sitting still and dreaming about the day when we can hit the road again on our next adventure.

Time to Move On

We've been at Rustic Sands for 7 days, which means it's time to move on down the road. On Monday, we're headed to Rainbow Springs State Park. We're looking forward to getting the kayaks in the water again as well as getting in some bike time on...

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A Day on Mexico Beach, Florida

We moved to Mexico Beach, FL on Monday.  On Tuesday, we decided to drive out to Cape San Blas, which is in Gulf County so we could take our fur baby on the beach.  Bay county will not let you have pets on the beach.  In addition, we wanted to...

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Kayaking on Blackwater River

Today was the first day we actually had sunny skies and could enjoy the beautiful weather.  We had to finish rigging the kayaks up with all the “stuff” and then it was time to hit the water for our maiden voyage.  I would be lying if I said I...

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Rain, Rain Go Away

On Wednesday, we moved 51 miles east to be on a river hoping the weather would change to sunny skies so we could do some fishing, but so far all we have had is rain, clouds and fog.  Our time at my parent’s was spent mostly waiting on the rig to...

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Our First Week at Full-Time RVing

The weather has not been what we had hoped in Florida.  We have had rain and/or windy conditions just about every day since arriving at my parents.  On Tuesday (3rd) when we arrived we were able to set up with no rain, but discovered that our...

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Welcome to Florida

Our first day was long, but that helped to make today a short day so we could make it to Florida and have time to get set up the way we wanted to. We woke up to dry laundry that smelled really clean. I can't wait to use my new machine more and...

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Our First Day in the RV

Just when I thought I wouldn't have to set an alarm clock again, we decide to take the RV in to have a washer/dryer installed before starting our journey. If there's one thing I hate worse than cold temperatures, it’s going to the laundromat....

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Time to Hook Up the RV and Go

The next chapter has begun. As of the 27th of February I no longer have a job and our journey is beginning. Yesterday we sold the last big item that was left, which was the boat. It helps to realize that what we are doing is the right choice for...

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