Rain, Rain Go Away

March 13, 2015

Written by Anna White

On Wednesday, we moved 51 miles east to be on a river hoping the weather would change to sunny skies so we could do some fishing, but so far all we have had is rain, clouds and fog.  Our time at my parent’s was spent mostly waiting on the rig to get repaired. On our last morning there, I took time to take some pics even though it was cloudy; I still wanted to document our time there as each place we visit will always have memories.

The view out our front door was great with a view of the pond.   The water garden area has crawfish, minnows, and tadpoles.  Some of the tadpoles are huge bull frog tadpoles.

Our drive took us all of an hour. We arrived at our new location; River’s Edge RV Campground, around 2:00 pm and got set up inside and out rarely quickly. Our site is a back in site on the corner, so we only have a neighbor on one side, but we can see several other rigs in the park from our location. We are within walking distance to the river, which we took advantage of on our first day to see what it looked like. The river we’re sitting on is the Yellow River. We also took the opportunity to play a little horseshoe game. Unfortunately we couldn’t get our satellite to work, so no TV for the first couple nights. We soon rectified that when we bought an antenna that was able to pick up local channels, which our satellite doesn’t do, as it still airs Nashville channels, when it works that is.

The temps have been in the 70’s each day, but with rain, fog and clouds, it makes it hard to enjoy any outdoor activities. But being the optimistic people we are, we headed for Pensacola Beach on Thursday to buy kayaks, hoping the rain will go away soon. We want to be able to use them on the river or any other body of water we might be near to go fishing and get in some photo opportunities as well. Hopefully the photo ops will not include me capsizing. I have never been in a kayak before, so I’m sure it will be an experience.

Today is Friday the 13th and another day of rain. We had hoped to get the kayaks out on the water, but the only thing we accomplished was getting them off the truck. We’re here till Monday and then we’ll be headed for another location. Hopefully the weekend will be promising in regards to better weather, but I’m not betting on it, after hearing the weather report earlier.

Hope to see you on the road…

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