Quarantined Due to Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

Written by Anna White


As of March 14th, I started working from home as my employer wanted as many of us as possible to work remotely. I am grateful that my employer provided us this option as so many people are getting laid off and might not have a job to return to once this pandemic is over.

As most people know, back in December, we started hearing about the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) happening in China. Since them the virus has moved to many countries. So many in fact, it would take several pages to list them all. Time magazine posted the following table with data as of March 19, 8PM EST. I am only showing the Countries with more than 800 cases.

Resource: https://time.com/5800901/coronavirus-map/

Here’s another map showing 160 countries and territories that have now reported at least one case of the novel coronavirus.

Now that testing has amped up, there are more and more positive cases. All 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have been affected. West Virginia was the last state to have a positive case.


California was the first state to be put their residents on lockdown effective Thursday, March 19th. They have over 40 million residents who were told to stay at home except for essential activities. New York has ordered all workers to stay home. All these measures were done due to the number of U.S. cases doubling in the last two days.

In my state of Tennessee, we have a confirmed 192 cases with 110 of them being in Davidson County, which is the county I work in. I live one county over in Wilson County which only has 1 case. As of this morning, Davidson county had closed all gyms and no dining in at restaurants.


We are pretty much homebodies since we quit traveling full-time in our RV so being quarantined is not much different than the way we were living before all of this started. However, we did enjoy going out to dinner at least once a week, which has now been taken away from us.

Trying to find food at the grocery store has been our biggest challenge. By the time we went shopping last weekend there was no toilet paper to find and food was pretty scarce. It took 3 stores before I could find enough stuff for us to make it through the week. Now we are at the end of another week and our trip this morning didn’t amount to much of anything as the one store we went to only had one package of meat. We were only able to find chicken. This new life does not bode well with my healthy lifestyle I have been living the past four and a half months.

It was hard to believe that things like hand sanitizer, paper towels, cleaning supplies, bleach and so much more were completely gone from the shelves as people scrambled to buy so much at once in fear of what might happen in the next few days. As the week has progressed people are still hoarding items and now stores are having to set limits to allow everyone to get just one of something.


I’m not sure I agree with all this social distancing, but if it helps to keep this virus from spreading then it will be worth it in the end. I just hope it ends sooner than later. We have seen and heard so many different reports about how long this might go on for that it makes it scary to know what the next day may bring.

My biggest surprise through all of this is the number of big businesses that have closed. Everything from Disney to shopping malls and bars and honky tonks are all closing their doors. So many people are without jobs. Many having no idea if their business will reopen when all of this is over or not.


I pray that this epidemic will end soon and that the economy will be able to recover. I pray for those that are being affected by this much more so than I am, and I pray that everyone will be able to get the food and help that they need to make it through this storm.

Hold the people you love close and have a little extra patience with your children as you maneuver through this as this too shall past.

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