Pillow Cover

November 1, 2020

Written by Anna White

I have a yellow couch in the RV that I wanted to make a pillow for, but because I have dogs, I wanted the cover to be removable. I used the remaining fabric left over from my Jelly Roll Rug to make the front of the cover and used a solid navy for the back.

The first step was to determine the size of the pillow in order to know what size to cut out the cover. The pillow was 12”x22″ so the cover for the front was cut to the same measurement as the pillow.

The front cover!

In order to make the cover removable you must leave an open seam, which I wanted to do on the back of the pillow, so the back cover had to be cut in two pieces with an overall size of 12” x 22”. I cut two pieces 12” x 15”. I hemmed one end on both pieces that would be used to create the overlap for the back of the pillow.

Hem each side for the back cover and then overlap before sewing all 3 pieces together.

The next step was to assemble all 3 pieces right sides together crossing over the hemmed ends, then stitching all the way around. Once sewed, turned right side out, press and insert pillow.

Assemble the 3 pieces together and sew a 3/8″ seam allowance around each side.

This really was an easy project and one that I have done a couple more times with other pillow inserts.

The completed project on my beautiful couch.

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