Our Travel Days are Over

Written by Anna White

October 8, 2015

welcome backWe have decided to hang up our traveling shoes so to speak and sit idle for a while. Although we have loved our  travels over the past 7 months, it is best for us to set down stakes for a while. We will be moving to Tallahassee, Florida to be near my kids and grandkids. This move will also put me (Anna) back into the workforce, but something I’m beyond ready to do. Although I enjoyed traveling around in the RV and seeing areas of the country that I hadn’t seen before, to be honest, I’m just not sure this is what I want to do long-term, especially at this stage of my life. I feel like I’m missing out on my kids and grandkids lives more so than before we started this. Family has always meant something to me and being near them was always important. I lost that when I moved to Nashville back in 2009 and in the past few months it has become even more real to me just how much I do miss my children and how much I want to be nearer to them. Just how long we will be in Tallahassee is debatable. For right now the plan is to put down roots and see what happens as time goes on.

To all of you full-time travelers – I sometimes will envy you and sometimes not. I wish you safe travels and many memories to be made with your family and friends.

I will continue to post updates on our website as to how life is going as we will still be living in our RV as we have gotten accustomed to the small quarters and I love my little house, especially now that we’ve finished all the remodeling. So keep following us and I will definitely be following many of you as I have enjoyed seeing the beautiful sights of the world through your eyes.

Happy trails….

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