Ohio Covered Bridges

Bigelow Bridge (regionally known as Axe Handle Road Bridge) is one of six covered bridges in Union County, Ohio. It crosses over the Little Darby Creek on Axe Handle Road, Just north of Ohio State Route 161 between Irwin and Chuckery.  The wooden bridge was built in 1873 by Reuben Patridge, and named for Eliphas Bigelow, a nearby resident. It was refurbished in 1990, and repainted in July 2008. It is 100 feet in length and 12.5 feet wide. It is still operational.

The Culbertson Covered Bridge was built by Reuben L. Partridge in 1868.  It spans 94 feet and is open to one-lane traffic. The bridge is located over Treacle Creek on Winget Road in Union County, Ohio.  

The Spain Creek Covered Bridge which spans 64 feet over Spain Creek just off of State Route 245 on Inskeep-Cratty Road.  The bridge was built in 1870 by Reuben L. Partridge and renovated in 1989.

The Pottersburg Bridge is another bridge built by Reuben L. Partridge.  This bridge was build in 1868 and also known as the Upper Darby Bridge, which originally spanned nearly 100 feet over the Big Darby Creek on North Lewisburg Road in Allen Township.  The bridge was moved in 2006 to the current location off Inskeep-Cratty Road and renovated.  

The final bridge we found did not have a name or a marker.  I believe it might have led to someone’s house, but we didn’t drive through to find out what was on the other side.

Covered bridges hold a lot of history and have always been of interest to me. As we continue our journey across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, I hope to find more of these.